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I’ve always been one to believe in fairy tales,

the one who believes in true love’s kiss or happily ever after.

I mean, why wouldn’t I right?

Sleeping Beauty woke up from true love’s kiss and got her prince,

Tiana and Naveen found happiness together as frogs and then broke the curse,

and Belle broke the spell and changed her beast.

Rapunzel was freed from her tower and found love,

Ariel got not only her voice back, but a love story after all

and Cinderella got her shoe and the man.

So why would I, not believe in fairytales?


All I do is read about love,

Watch movies and shows that forecast a happy ending.

Feel as if somehow, the world and fate are making a happy story for us all.

But sometimes, life isn’t a fairy tale.

Sometimes things don’t work out as we planned, and sometimes what we want may not be what we need.

I don’t think I believe in fairy tales anymore.

I’ve seen too many people get hurt, watched my friends beat themselves up over someone who doesn’t even care enough to make sure that they’re okay.

I’ve seen my own life fall apart in front of me, and felt as if there was no way to pick myself back up.


So maybe fairy tales don’t exist,

Maybe life is just some messed up whirlwind where we don’t get to make our own choices,

Where no matter what we do, we might not get that happily ever after.

Life isn’t a fairy tale, but God, sometimes I wish it was.

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