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Who would be a more voracious fighter?

The genius or the man with nothing left to lose?

Logic may have made bombs

It may have made guns and swords

It may have made tactics used in battle to fight and kill other men

But did logic use them?

Did logic launch the bomb?

Did logic pull the trigger?

Did swing the blade?

Did logic condemn thousands to death?


Logic did none of this

Emotion pressed the button

Emotion shot the man

Emotion ran him through and through

Emotion used heartless strategies in war

What is thought in the face of anger?

What is reason in the face of love?

Given all this I ask you one more time

Who would be the more fearful soldier?

One who can make use of the whole armament?

Or the one whose family was just killed in the blast of a bomb?

Think about this next time you needlessly provoke someone

Or you brag about your skill in a fight


There is someone who has lost more than

Is angrier than you

More madly in love than you

And will always


Hit harder than you.

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