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If you listen to the silence
You can usually hear a song
A song that carries through the darkness
As the fireflies sing along:  

  There was once a young man
  Who used to look at stars
  Didn't run as the others ran
  Just looked out to afar
  Said he wasn't from here
  Said he'd never been
  Said he'd come here
  Riding on a dragon fin
  Said he'd never planned to stay
  Yet he still didn't want to go
  So every night he would lay

  And think of his beloved home
  Every night you could see him
  Watching stars as the whole world talked
  Looking over rooftop rims
  As the others carried on their walk
  No one stopped to listen
  No one even stared
  No one stopped to watch the stars with him
  It seemed as if no one cared
  Then one day he wasn't there
  Then they began to think
  Then they finally began to care
  About the boy to which the stars were linked
  And now who wasn't there
  They wondered where he'd went
  Because they'd never seen his gaze
  They wondered how he could have left
  Because they'd never watched him as he lay
  But I'd seen his eyes
  And I knew where he'd gone
  And only I and the fireflies
  Had ever watched him on the lawn
  And the night he left
  The stars refused to shine
  The sky was just a large dark cleft
  Where the stars had used to blind
  Eventually, the stars returned
  To gleam and shine again
  But they always remembered
  The boy who'd been ignored by men
  And If you listen to the silence
  You can usually hear a song
  A song about a star-watching boy
  Who never really belonged
  And now he is up there
  Up where he belongs
  Up with the stars
  Where his heart was all along
  And when people asked me
  To where he had roamed
  I just smiled secretly
  But I never told them: Home

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