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Once more,

My gazed mustn't falter its fixation on the floor.

Survival calls for this daily operation

Eyes a visible dilation

Analyzing not numerical equations but carpets serrations.


Told I can’t address you; I only look down

As result next comes an unwanted interaction

Inversely your discrimination was the cause of.


Head down  “Sorry,” so not sorry.

How bad I wanna berate you for calling me “Honey,”

And you wonder why my demeanor is never sunny.


Every day I allow your ego to reside on its axis

Let you believe you’re the perfect complementary to my Dihedral angle

Lest the slightest confrontation will become a quantum entangle.


And I’m sick and tired of feeling like there's no solution

I want to fight your assumptions so badly to better this world for my children,

But at the same time, I’d lose the ability to feed them.

Shredding my resistance I tell them it’s just 1 bad day

How long does it take to realize infinity has a name?


Although my trajectories never been off

My performance is never a factor,

Because all NASA's sees is brown,

And that is not my college.


Mind of Einstein in a secretary’s body

To you, that’s much too irrational

So I’m not seen equivalent.  


Daily my sisters and I bear the fear

Of being punished exponentially for frugal asymptotes

That's functions never apply to you.


Why am I not an amicable number?

I am a pioneer in this race to space,

Yet I’m still an outlier in your calculations.


You can't begin to process how hard it is in order to do the thing you love

To withstand being in an environment that treats you like a derivative

How hard it is to come back daily to a place that will never accept you.


Yet we do it

We do it and we do it proud without deliberation,

Because even though we lead lives of regression

We want to use our gifts to impact this world in any way we can

We’re kind enough to reside in exponential decay

But still help you, because that is who we are.


If I could give one message even though it'll never be heeded

Like a reciprocal destined to be receded

It is that brilliance bears no boundaries not color nor gender

Going through life if you forget all else let this be what you remember.


Underestimating us has always been your greatest error

We are hard workers

Stop abiding stereotypes

Treating me like I’m typical

Here my orbital configurations are pivotal.


A composite victim of bias

I am unluckily both black and woman

But do not ask who wrote this because our values are imaginary to you anyway.


Know this however, we’re changemakers

We’ve endured too much to stop or give up

Believing in a better world that hopefully, we’ll blast off

We are good strong women and we'll help this country succeed

Even though no one will ever know it was us.


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