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Why do they judge me by the color of my skin?

Why do they say I will never fit in?

They say "your a lost child in a sea full of stronger".

They say "for you to climb to the top it'll take you much longer".

Why don't they believe in me?

Just because I am being me.

Telling me, "God, look at your dark skin and that hair can you tame it down a bit?"

I guess from this I build more grit.

But I can't help but ask why?

Is it because my skin isn't white or because my hair is curly instead of straight, is that the stupid reason of why you give me hate?

But all I do is sit there and take it in.

Mom said "don't talk back" because, in the end, you won't win.

So, they say that I am "ugly" and "I will never be hot".

Man, they talk a lot.

I swear when I am older.

I will be bolder.

Prove them wrong one by one.

Until I am done.

Now, I am rising from the ashes and Detroit with me.

So, watch out world because I am going to make you pay your fee.

But sometimes I can't help but ask, why?

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