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He sat tapping his brown shoe against the ground

in The Yellow House on the corner of the street.


He was waiting,


waiting for An Eternity’s Gate

to shine and reveal his brother, Theo,

so they could adventure on the land that conveys

his most brilliant thoughts.


They climb,


climb up the steep Road with Cypress

in their automobile.

They arrive to the Wheatfield with Crows

and just let themselves wander

to admire the beauty they see.


As they wander, they see Irises and Almond Blossoms

and Poppy Flowers and finally past the hills,

the Sunset at Montmajour.

These wonders proved to have the perfect essence

for his next paintings.


Both tap,


tapped their brown shoes in tranquility

to the arcadian rhythm of the music being played

at the Café Terrace at Night.

The same rhythm that was played in the breeze that day;

that was carried through the Irises

and the flowers

and the Sunset at Montmajour

and now through the swirls of royal blue and yellow

on The Starry Night.

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