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Dance- Emma Nord


Spinning and twirling is what people like to call it

But dancing is much more and can be such a hit

With many options to choose from such as jazz, ballet, and hip hop

There are also many types of music including blues, rock, and pop


It can be hard at times and make you want to quit

But you have to get back in the game and show some grit

The technique has leaps and turns that you just can’t stop

Even though you may fall and have a big flop


Costumes are always the best part knowing they will fit

With the sparkles and glitter everywhere you sit


When the day finally comes to show what you’ve got

A nervous feeling comes into your stomach so quietly that you can hear a pin drop

The makeup and hair complete the outfit

And if we don’t win in the end, all that matters is that we showed our best spirit


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