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We were there, Oh! We were there

Energy boosted, all sources of weariness gone,

We were in front of the magnificent beauty, and I was suddenly not at all moody

It was so huge, so large, so enticing to see, for it was a wonder to be

So intriguing the structure, it looked so beautiful, eye-catching, a wonder!

The tickets were bought, the artistry was sought

But wait! That was only the start

What I saw inside was the most engaging

For there was a passage of water with fountains, there were no mountains,

But still trees lined around with thousands of birds,

And the reflection of the structure so cool and clear,

As I got closer, the intricacy of the formation became bolder,

It was an awe-inspiring scene,

The marble so white, gleaming as the sun shone bright

Its color so pure, made it a worthy tour

Something so captivating, a scene never to be forgotten

Shah Jahan made it for his wife, it became his most prized possession for life

I will never forget this scene for the rest of my life

For it was something not describable by words,

A beauty beyond imagination, that I hope keeps a lasting impression

on all future generations


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