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I view the goal down the field, 
enlarged by all of the middle schoolers, 
unknown of what will happen next.
The ball sparkles glitter red like Dorothy's slippers. 
Charging forward along the green grass field,
I see the goalie in the distance and realize I'm not that far away anymore. 
Excitement rushes through my body, 
I realize that there are three defenders left. 
Chess pieces I'm ready to take.
Gradually powering ahead faster and faster 
I know that if I slow down now, that defender will get the ball.
I can get around her. 
Her frown displays toughness.
As the clock is ticking with thirty seconds left, 
I look to pass the ball, but twenty-one is covered 
by fourteen and seven.
Feeling the scorching sun against my back, 
I quickly dodge to the left making my ponytail fly.
Now it is just me and the goalkeeper. 
The confidence inside of me sparks 
like a sudden flame that 
and lights my left foot on fire.
Ready as ever to score that goal, I hear Coach yell, "Five seconds left" 
and in this very moment I know it is

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