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If I could paint with words

I’d dip my fingers into a hundred jars of ink

And I would light a page with a thousand sparks of joy


I’d start by sketching the sun, sky and moon

Twilight wild goosebumps, ghost tales and shivers

A sunrise warm, world caught in a sleepy yawn

Dusk still and quiet, empty of breath and song

Noon scorching with the real, all else burnt to dust


I might then turn to life, motion, excitement

With a galloping herd of zebras, breaking light

As a dark slick crocodile slunk forward

Then snap!, bright red blood flows

And energy grows

And running sprinting panic must escape

And I think I’d have to let the other zebras get away


And turn to still my heart beat

(As it thump thump thumped in it’s cage)

A flower, delicacy, glass, frost, beauty

Color seeping in, lending a vibrance

Spice, reds and yellows and orange

Or maybe sliding into a slick green leaf

Waxy, still, calm

I’d slip into a dream


Dancing figures leaping across a painted sky

Swans intertwined with candy canes

A thousand meters high

And they would spin and twirl

A blur of perfection

But faster


Faster still and no it’s not good now

But still spinning twisting whirling

A hurricane of light


And out spits a thousand frogs

And red trains chugging forward

A whirlpool of marbles

Falling through a giant’s hand

Flashing colors crazy

Purple yellow up and down

Zigzagging around

And pounding, breaking

A hurricane of sound

Until I can’t take it anymore


And I jump up!

And I settle back down

I don’t think I’ll go back

Quite yet at least

That’s plenty of dreams for me


So I think I’ll paint a lullaby

Warm, soft, safe, and real

Snuggle in a blanket

A glass of warm milk

Childhood returns

Innocent, fun, play a game

Silly, excitement, follow me

Happy giggles, wonder and delight

A teddy bear

A painted doll

A sleepy goodnight


An I’ll leave with just one more quick sight

A thousand lights in sync, twinkling

Far, beyond grasp

Close, I think I can reach

Colorful jewels

Tiny but so huge

I think I’ve shrunken

But I feel so large

The sky’s so large

Life in every direction

And there is so much light