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Novel Fractional Currency

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ít is not genorally known that. if a $1 gréenbaclc is neatly cut in two eaoh of the halves is goo l i or 50 cents a' the Federal Trcasury. The parné prooesa eau be carried oa till the bilí is divided into tentlis witliout injuring the aliquot valué of ita parts. This lias been suggested as afi easy way of obia'ming small sums to send by mail; noiv that the oxtremely convenient fractional currency has disappeared; but it is not likely to bo gouerally adoptad; a Jialí note being an awkward thing to pass, exeept at a bank. The popular objeción to such fragmenta comes down ífom a time when one-half a bau-nole was worthless without the other half. It is so to-day in England, and the división of a Bank of Engiandnote is a freqaent way of insuring its safoty when sent by ruail. Ivlajor l'oweiv, a prominent oflícer in the Treasury üeparLtiHíiil of long experience, proposos that the back of one dollar greenbacks be heieafter divided by the device printea apon thcn into parts, so as to be cut uj at jdeasure, each quarter being good in mail sums for tweniy-iive cents. This would enablu the community to supplv itseif with its own fractioual currcncy at pleasure, and it would also probably i aerease enonnously the share of one dollar notes whicli would nnvor come back to the Treasury. - Spriti'firUl (Alaan.) Ui ■... ,.-. The pres(ir;ition of tombstoneá and nonumoiLts i.-, a iuestion i.f much imjortanee. Krom olsorvatio:is made md reported to the Roy al Sociuty of idinburgh it was foiind that the calcareous -marbles and limestoies -yield quiekly, as a rule, to atmoajheric influences. labs of freeston: and other imlaminated sand rocks were, however, íound to be soendiiring hat tiio iharpness of thn eut le;t Ktnliy SJuntid afüni a ccntuty'ij e 'Dnv. .TA HO


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