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Tue Detroit Water Commissiouers have issued $70,000 of the l,ü00,000 bonds nuthorized íor the crcctiou oí the new works. The latest issued baten oí $1DJ,OO:) was taken by the Commissioners oL the Sinking Fund of the city at thvee per cent. premium, the bonds paying four per cent. and coming due in 1899. TbaiNS eoiug north from Bay City are now loaded with stalwart laborers, the majority of them going into the lumber woode, but a good share ;intending to becoine permanent settlers on the rieh land along the railioad. The Michigau El Dorado is iu the northern woods. The people of Northern Michigan are no way backward in announcing that all the dogs taken into tbeir woods ïor the purpose of deer-hunting this fall are likely to be attacked by "lead colic. " The foundry and machine shop of Metts & Merrill, at East Saginaw, were burned a few mornings ago. Loss, $20,000. Insurance, $11,000. At the laïe sesslon of the Michigan M. E. Conference Bishop Bowman announced the tollowing appointments forthe ensuing year: Albion District- H. Hall, P. E. Albion, Geo. S. Hickcy; Juokson, C. L. liurnbart; Huttlo Cri-ok, O. F. Barnes; Bellevue, P. J. Mavct-ty; Concord, W. H. Perrine; Homor, E. L. Kt.'lloj?ff; Hunover, L. P. Ferffuson; Ijitchfleld, N. Brockwuy; Liberty, to be supplied; Moscow, K. I). Yuuiiff; Miishcrville, W. Mason; Nashville, A. D. Newton ; Olivet, H. D. Jordán ; Pennüeld, G. Daniels; Parma, J. Webster; Klres, to be supplied; South Albion, J. M. Whitney; Spriogport, N. Fassett; Leroy, B. I). l!:icnn: Marhall, A. Kiloy; Marensfo, I. aayior; Toinpsras, j. H. Dames; xekonsha, to be supplied; Cooper Street, Jaekson, J. Berry. The Keys. J. H. Hopkins, K. C. Welsh and Samviol Dickie, professors in, and the Itev. W. H. Brockway, agent for, Albion Colloge and members oí Albion Quarteiiy COnferOiH'e. Coldwater District- 3. I. Buell, P. E. Allen, D. C. Woodward; Bronson and North Gilead, WB, Paddock; Burr Oak and South Gilead, D.O. Ball; Butler, 0.8. Paddoek; Burliugton, W. Barrett; Coldwater, A. II. Moors; Cambria, G. H. White; Centreville, W. 1. Coffshall; Constantino, J. Boynton; Griard, G. W. Keid; Hillsdale, L. Farr; Jonesrille, W. M. Proutv; Kinderhook, E. Marbles North Adams, M. i. Carroll; Osseo, 8, L'. Strickland; Qulaoy, A. M. Fiteh; Kansom, to be supplied; Keading, J). D. Gillett; Sturgis, J!. S. Mills; Sherwood, J. W. Buell; Union City, A. M. Gould; White Pigeon, 8. C. Lubine. The llev. J. V. Potts,' Agent ot the Micltiyan Adoucate and member ot the Coldwiiter Quarteiiy Conference. Kalamazoo Uistrict -.7. W. Miller, P. E. AuSrusta, A. E. Ketcham; Allegan, W. A. Hunsberger; Bloomingdale, D. V. Kow; Cooper, E. A. Tanner; Climax, L. M. Edmunds; Colon and Leónidas, 1{. H. Bready; IJouglass, O. E. Wightmim; (ialesburg, J. A. Sprague; Irvington, J. J. Greonstead; Johnstown and Baltimore, F. N. Jones; Kalamazoo, J. Graliam; Kendall'Sjto be supplied; Martin, N. M.Steele; Mcndon, G. W. Tuthill; Monterey, A. J. Van Wyck; Oshtemo, W. W. Eider; Utsego, F. L. McCoy; Parkville, L. W. Calkins; Prairieville, H. O. Laivrenco; Plalnwell, G. L. Cole; Kichland, John A. Bready; Schooieraft, W. M. Stinehcomb; South Haven, J. E. White; Three Kivers, F. B. Bangs; Wakeshma, C. H. Fisher; Vicksburg, E. 8. MeChesney; Shcrman, J. K. Bowen: F.D, Hemenway, Professorin Garrett Biblical Institute and member of Kulama.oo Quarterly Conference. Niles District- A. 1Í. Hoggs, P.E. Bucbanan, .1. White; Bridgeman, to bo supplied; Benton Harbor, E. A. Whitwain; Bango r, G. W. GosÜDft; Berrlen Springs, 1 Wïlson; Brecdsville, to be supplied: Colonia and W;itcrvliet, H. H. Parker; Cassopolis, J. Hoyt; Dowagiiie, H. Worthingtim; Decatur, L. W. Earl; Dayton, J. K. Bklnner; Kdwardslmrg, J. M. Robinson; Keeler.and Silver Creek, G. C. Elliott; Lawrence and Hartford, v. (. Boynton; Lawton, '1'. T. öeorge; Marcellus, to besupplied; Matawan, S. C. Woodard; New Buffalo, L). Tasker; Niles, E. Cooley; Lagrange, JLi. S. Matthews; Pokagon, (i. A. Buoll; Pipestono. A. N. Eldredj Paw Paw, W. M. Colby; St. Joseph, M. M. Callen; Wllllttmsvllle, to be supplied; The Kev. J. M. Keid, D. D., Corroiponding Secretary of the Missionary Society of the M. E. Chureh and inetnlier of Niles üuartorlv Oonférenoe. (tand Knpids District- W. J. Aldrich, P. E. AIa, M. D. Terwllliger; Ashland, A. G. Wig-ging; Berlín, J. Kioxe; Byron Center anaDorr, li. :. Lat ham; Ooopersvüle, J. Archer; Casnovia, A. HuHsberger; Cannon, C. H. Howe; Cedar Spring, H. 1'. Henderson: Caledonia, A. J. Wheeler; División gtreet, (rand Kapids, tobesnpulied; East Streel, Grand Kapids, E. Wyjfle; Ui-and Haven, 8. P. Warner; Giandvillc, D.C. Riehl; O rat tan, J. M. Robinson: Holland, A. H. Gilklt; liillards, J. W. Kobinson; Hastings, A. A. Knappen; Irving-, T. J. Spencer: Lamont, 8. Kit.miller; Middleville, 0. B. Whitmoro; Muskegon, D. Engle; Newaygo, J. Horner; Nuulca, to be aupplied; Plainfleld avenue, Grand Kapids, J. P. Foroe; Ravenna, H. ,s. Hier; Eookford and Courtlaml, 1. B. ïallman; Sparta. E. V. Armstronir; Spring I,uke, W. Si. Copljn; Socond Btrcet, Grand Raptas, C. 8. Fox; South División Street, Grand Kapids, J. S. Valentino; Ventura, to bo supplied; Wayland, J. M. Aiken. lonia District- It. C. Craivford, P. E. Buwno, C. Yan Anken; Coral, D. S. Havilanü; Carson City, O. T. Van Antwerp; D.inby, G. E. Hollister; Puin Hall, J. Marzolt'; Edmore, to bo snpplied; Greenville. A. A. Brown: Greenville Circuit, L. Bathriek; Uubbardston, N. Saundcrs; lonia, W. Gardncr; Lakevtew, to besupplied; I.owell, N. Brady; Lyons and Muir, D. w. Parsons; Oileans, W. J. Haihaway; Orange, J. H. Thomas; Palo, J. Itoberts; Portland, A. P. Morrison; Pewano, D. M. Ward; Sheridan, to be aupplicd; Sianton, I. K. A. Wightman; Saranac, F. A. BUI; Versrennes, S. C. Woodard; Woodlund, J. F. Orwick. Lansinü-Distric-t-T. H. Jacokes, P. E. Alma, B. E. Paddock; Breukenridg-e, V. P. Wcleh; Bath, to be supplied; Chester, J. F. Wallace; Charlotte, G. D. Lee; Central Church, Lansiiur H. M. Joy; Dewitt, W. K. McElwell; Duplaius, M. W. Knapp; liatón Kapids, A. J. HamiltonFowler, L. M. Gulick; First Church, Lansinif, O. C. Ulds; Grand I.edg-e, W. J. Hwift; Ithaca J.H. Cal-.vell; Leslie, T. Delamartyr; Maplo Kapids, .1. B. Knott; Masón, W. Doust; Ovid, G. W. Shermaii; Okemos, W. Taylor; Onondagn. S. Nelson; Pottervüle, J. J. McAUisterSt. Johns, C. A. .Tiicokes; St. Louis, G. C. Draper; ietor, A. T. (iray; Vermontville, J. D. Watkins. Big Kapids District- A. J. Hnssell, P. E. Etna, J.F. U'allace; Benonla, M. E. Bacon; Bij? Kapids, L. Masters; Big Kapids Circuit, to be supplied; Clare, J. Lulick; Crystal Valloy, to be supplied; Kustville, F.E.Sanders: Evart. J. t'. Floyd; Fromont Centre, J. N. DaytonGrant, A. Busbee: Hart, W. L. Tilden; Hesperm. w. W. Lamport; Holtons. G. VarionHoward City, to lie supplied; Isabclla Judian Mission, to be suppliod; Leavitt, to be supplied; Ludiivjion, W. Moonoy; Manistee, J IK. Stark; Mocosta, J. Hills; Millbrook, to be suppliud; Mt. Picasant, I. H. Allenbeck; Morley, 1). W.Smith; l'entwater, Geo. Donaldson; I'ierson, C. G. Thomas; Hiverton, A. PotterKeed City, W. H. Thompson; Riverton Indian Mission, to be suppliud; Sears, C. E. AllenShelby, A. A. Uolte; Whitehall and Montague, H. 11. Hawloy. Grand Traverse District- A. J. Eldred, P. E. Alinira and Inland, J. V. Arney; Bliss, to be Buprfliedj Iloyne, B. H. Whitman; Bear Lake, M. W. F. Smith; Cadillac, E. H. Day Cadillac Circuit, S. Stcphens; Charlevoix and Indian Mission, J. Blanchard; Fife Lake, W Hoaih: Frankfort, J. H. Sta) y; Kalkaska, O. J. Golden; Leroy, L. D. McKee; Loni? Lake D. Green: Liltle Traverse, E. F. Newall; Manton, 8. Steele; Mareelona, S. H. Hewltt; Monroe Center, E. P. Howcll; Norwood, C. M. Smith; Northport. A. M. Eldred; Indian Mission, to be supplied; Old Missioc, to be supplied; Petoskey Circuit, to be supplied; Petoskey and Indian Mission, W. S. Hlv; South Arm, to be supplied; Smith, to be suppliod; Sponoer'SrCreek, to be supplied; Sherman, H I'. Iilake; Traverse City, J. W. P. CarllsleWilliamsburg, L. Dodds. The following are the Detroit wheat quotatlons: Wlieat, No. 1 White, 963@96%c; No. 2 White, 92%@!s September, do, Ofi 98Jc; Octpbo.-, do, 9g"@951Lc; November, do, fl6X(g,yiiXc; No. 2 Red, 9'.)i(.'99jc. ïx-Governor Lelanu Stanfokd's new residenoe atMenlo Park, Cal., will stand almost in the center of a plot of grouml abont four linndred and fifty acres in cxlenl. The approach to the honse will be through a grand, straight drive, bounded by atatefy elms and by sinuous pathways decoraied by the choicest shrnbs. Surrounding the house will be an arboretum that proraises to be onc of the most unique of its olasa in the world. Governor Stanford's intention is to procure from all parts of the world hoots, cuttings, planls and seeds, if nced be, of every tree that is likely to succeed in California. He has alre&dy received many thousand cuttings and young trees. Robekt MagrüDKR sold his scason's cotton at Bufaula, Ala., and s:it down to an all-niglit game of jioker. Hefore momias; he ksl all t li ; mony his plantation had produced ior the year. Mack 1). Oüvcr was the winner. Magruder bought a revolver, loadedit, and Btarted for Oiiver rode wil li liini, though waraed'by friends uot to do so. At a lcmely poiat Maffmder demanded the monoy bark. and, nieeling with a refusal, shot Oiiver dead, afterward killin himself.


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