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DRAKE'S OYSTER DEPOT 20 East HuronSt. Oysters Always Fresh and Cheap. Pure Wines and Liquors for medicinal purposes. Choicest brands of Cigars always on hand. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! To My Friends and Patrons : Last Spring I prophesied that goods would not be any liigher during the spring and summer season, which was the case. Now I believe that goods have an upward tendency and would advise all who are going to need anything in the Clothing, or Hat line, to purchase their supply at once. I am putting in an immense STOCK Of CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS and furnishing goods, and will be pleased to have all who are interested in the same to cali and at least examine goods and prices. JOE T. JACOBS, The Clothier. Ann Arbor, Sept. iSSo. J WILLIAM CASPARY, T AKERY AND CONFECTIONARY. 32 Detroit Street Livery, Sale, AND BOARDING STABLE! I have opened a Livery, Sale, and Boarding Stable opposite the QourtHouse on Fourth street, where livery rigs can be obtained at any time of the day or night. A fine lot of ncw carriages and good horses, at reasonable rates. Breaking rolts and handling track horses a specialty ; good references given. P. Ir win, Ann Arbsr. BEÑ$ ïofin! IS A THOROUCH REMEDY In every case of Malarial Fever or Fever and Ague, whilèfor disorders of the Stomach, Torpidity of the Liver. Indigestión and disturbances of the animal torces, which debilítate, it has no equivalent, and can have no substituto. It should not be conf ounded with triturated compounds of cheap spirits and essential oiis, often sold under the name of Bitters. FOR SALE BY Druggists, Grocers, and Wine Merchants evcrywhere. níENDALUslil gFttVINájJH KENDALL'S SPAVIN CURE. The most successful Remedyever discovered, as it is certain in its effects and does not blister. Read Proof Below. PRESEVERANCE WILL TELL. Stoughton, Mass., March 16th, 1880. B. J. Kendall & Co., Gents:- In justice to you andmyself, I think I ought to let you know that I have removed two bone spavins with "Kendall's Spavin Cure," one very large one; don't know how long the spayin had been there. I have owned the horse eight months. It took me four months to take the large one off and two for the small one. I have used ten bottles. The horse is entirely well, not at all stiff , and no bunch to be seen or feit. This is a wondert ui medicine. It is a new thing here; but if it does for all what it has done for me its sale will be very great. Respectfully yours, Chas. E. Parker. Kendall's Spavin Cure is sure in its effects, mild in its action as it does not blister, yet it s penetrating and povverful lo reaeh every deep seated pain or to remove any bony growth or other enlargement .such as spavins , splmts, curbs, callous, sprains, swellings, any lameness and all enlargements of the joints or limbs, or rheumatism in man and for any purpose for whiob a liniment is used for man or oeast. It is now known tq bc the best liniment for man ever uaed, ftcting mild and yet certain in its effects. Send address for IHustrated Circular wiiich we think gives positive proof of its virtues. No remedy has ever met with such unquahfied success to our knowledge, for beast as well as man. rrice $1. per bottle, or six bottles for . $5. All Druggists have it orean get it for you, or it will lie sent to any address on receipt of price by the aroprietors. DR. B. J. KENDALL & CO., Énos3iirgh Falls, Vermont.1; SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. A DVERTISE IN THE DEMOORAT.


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