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- The timo reqnired for a trip f rom i Hew York lo Nov Orieans Iri 1800 was !84days; iu 1839 it as 1 days L8j hours, and dow it is GOl hours. - Amono; the tish of the United i States, tho cod comes lirsi in móney Valué, the salmón seeond, the mac kerel third, and then tho menhnden. lu weight the lasl stands highest. - Post age is oheapwt In Eogland and the United States, aml oostlier in Knssia, Germanv, Austria, Spain, ltaly, Belgium, Holland and Switzcrland, in the order nained. - The Brotherhood of Locomotivo Engineers is 17 years oíd and now has 191 siibdivisions, comprlsing a membership of nine-tenths of the locomotive engineers on the continent. - The Canadian Government has advertised for tenders lor the construction of a telegraph line along the line of the Canadian Pacilic Railway from Selkirk to the western boundary of Manitoba. - Several steamers have been lately built at Kostock for a Russian commercial firm, designed speeially for service on the Caspiau Sea. They will be worked with two screws, and the heating apparatna has been so designed as to allow the use of Russian petroleum. - Tliere has just been completed at Pittsburgh a 100,000 pouiul steam shear for the Pennsylvania Hailroad Company. It will be placed in the company's shops at Altoona, where it will be used for outtingold steel rails, whieh are there converted into car wlieels and other castings. - Petroleum is the fourth of our export commodities, though the flrst artificial well was sunk only twenty-one years ago. The annual production is some 15,000,000 barrels. A larger proportion of petroleum is sent abroad than of any other artide except cottou, the export being about two-lhirds of the total production. The average value per gallon of the rofined illnminating oil exportad tru 58 cents in 1864, 73 in 186.3, 30 in 1870, 23 in 1873, 17 in 1874, 14 in 1876. and 11 in 1879. - From experimente made on young soldier by M. Marey, il appears that after a gynmistic conree the men brcathed aboul twice as niuch airas before, and, although the number of respirations is reduced from twenty to twelve per minute, the amplitude of these respiratious is more than quadrupled. At first the, rospiration is considcrably modihed by running at the rato of (00 meters in four minutes, but after from four to five months' practico at this kind of exercise there was no perceptible effect. - The green color given to proserved vegetables is generally obtained by meiut's of the. salís of eopper, fch presence of which is daagerous. Leeourt, a preserve m:inufacturer of Paris, and Prof. Guillemare, of the Lycee of Rheims, have devised a ncw process for sucli coloration. It consista in adding to the vegetables a surcharge of ehlorophyll, so that after the inevitable loss caused by boiling they still retain sullioient to present the green color of fresh vegetables. Leeourt and Guillemare obtained the green thus Qtilized from talile vegetables, especially spinaoh, which contains a great ijnantity that is easily extracted. - The distance requiredto stop trains increasiis very rapidly with the increase of ratcs of speod. In experirnents made in England, the Westinghouse brake sto])ped a. train moring at the rato of 41. 5 miles an hour atapoint ouly 485 feet Uistant from the place where the brake was applied, but when the sneed was increased to 61 miles per hour the distance run after the appheation of the brake was 1,185 feet, and w lien the speed of the train was inere:) sed to 67 miles per hour the distanee traversed after the applieation of the brake was 2,0. feet. Similar results were obtained when other brakes were used. - Bureaux de tabac, or tobáceo shops, are ono of the nieans which the Frenoh Government has of pensioning deserving or undeserviog persons. The manufacture and sale of tobáceo being a Government monopoly, the. appoinfcment of a person to a burean, H lubnc is equivalent to a pension varying in value aecording to the position of the bureau. During the year 1869 one hundred and sixty-live bureaux . were granted, and amongst those who have obtained them are Mlle. Marrast, daughter of the President of the Constituent Assembly in 1848, anil Mme. d' Alton Shee, widow of aformr peer of Frauoe, who hasleft behind Mm some unreadable memoires.


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