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All Broken Up

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There is a patiënt in tlie hospital of tbc University of Michigan fcwhose peculiar case is exciting a good ieal of interest at the present time in medical circles at that institution, and whose story will excite still wider attention after this issue of The News has been circulated and read. The patiënt is a man wbo has probably met with more serious accidents and sustained more injuries than any living man in the United States. Every statement in bis reinarkable narrativo is corroborated by a scar; every adventurous tale by a wound. He has hardly a sound bone in bis entire body. Besides eujoying the dis tinction of being the "WORST BROKEN UP MAN IN AMERICA," - a tille he is proud of - he asseverates that he has had all the diseases in the calendar, includiug spotted and yellow fever, Asiatic cholera, etc. An examination of nis phenomenally scarred torso and limbs, however, has so convinced the learned and skeptical surgeons of the hospital that onc of the medical professors has writen a somprehensive history of bis life, which will be publisbed iu 'some medical journal. An Ann Arbor photograpber named 8. B. Revenaugh has "taken" this remarkable cbaracter, and a piaster cast of his body from bis wait up is to be made by one of the faculty. The university authorities, it is reportad, consider tbey have a prize in this singular patiënt, and are desirous of keeping him to themselves until such time as tbey thiuk best to let thu cuse become generally known. Public attention was directed to the case by A MERE ACCIDENT. On a pleasaut day about two weeks ago, the patiënt, who is not confined to the hospital, entered the hat store of Aeher A. Terry, on Main street, Ann Arbor, and asked the privilege of warming his chilied frame at Mr. Terry's fire. The sun was high and bol outside, and observing the ghastly appearance of the man's features, Mr. Terry thought he was sick and interrogatcd him. The latter replied that hc could not keep warm, and in fact had HEK HALF KROZEN ALL SUMMKK. Terry's comments upon this resulted in drawing him out, and the merchant learned that he was a patiënt in the hospital, and subsequently the curious hatter beard a considerable portion of this wondei ful story. A reporter of The Evening News was in Ihe university city on Saturday, and inj cidentally hearing of the strange patiënt sscured the major portions of his history. He had no objection to his biography beinsr published, but does not, as he expressed it, "wish to becorne notorious," and was very reticent and reserved even ifter having enforced a promise that his mme should be withheld for the sake of lis fauiily. This individual, who is the subject of this sketch, is of medium height, small 'rame, and has a smooth face and dark hair. Ilis forehead is horribly disflgured by a deep and ugly scar between his eyes, ind one optie is gone; otherwise his feaures are regular and uotunpleasing to the observe r. MOST OF HIS TEETH were knocked out in ant encounter with the butt of a falling tree, and notwith standing the fact that nearly every bone in his body has been fractured at some time or other he is t'ar from stift. He is a man of considerable information and expresses himself readily. The following are the LEADING l'OINTS IN HIS LIFE: substantially in his own words: "I iiu goiug on 45 years of age, and have a family and property in Hillsdale county. I have traveled nearly around he world, and have been sick in almost every clime. When I was five years old [ feil through the roof of a shed and sustained injuries íroni which itwas thought l could uot possibly recover. I was LITERALLT ALL BROKEN UI. L b'-oke all my ribs, both collar jreast bone, my right arm in two places, ny left arm above the elbow, and myleft land acröss the back. There is not a sound rib in my chest, and my blood is so thin and weak that I fear I shall not recover. I now weigh 110 poünds, but once welghed 190 odd. "When I was nine years old I ran away 'rom home and went to sea. When I was .0 years old I had Asiatic cholera in New York and was sick some weeks. When .5 years old my hip was thrown out of oint, and was again dislocated in the same year. The last time my right ankle was also broken. In my 17ih year I had fpotted or CENTRAL AMEIUCAN FEVEB D Central America. I was sick four norrths, andipeeled all over like a snake. n the follovviug year I had yellow fever n New Orleans. In 1856 1 was amember of a steamboat crew on the Mississippi ïver, and duriug a rodee was shot in the inkle. When the war broke out I joined the army, aüd in the following year (1862) was banodetted in the left kuee at the battle of Fainsville or Gainshill, where I was captured by the rebels. I remained a risoner three mouths and 17 days, and during my captivity was sun-struck. Recovering from this I was subsequently ïearly starved to death, and was paroled when upon the verge of the grave. Durng a long march the veins in both my egs buist, and I nearly died from hemorrïage. At Chaiicellorsville I was KUN OVER THE HEAD AND BODY sy a six-pounder. November 10, 1865, I was discharged from the army, and in the 'ollowing winter, while engagcd in feil- ag a tree, the butl flew up and struok me on the head, knocking me 40 feet. I lay n the snow, insensible, for eight hours, and when I came to, found that my skull was fractured and that eight of my teeth were gone. My BRAINS HAD OOZED OUT on the snow through a fissure in my cranium, but in three months I was as good as new. Besides the accidents I have related I have had a hundred others, resultiug in a general bruising up without any bones having been broken; but lam quite hearty to-day, and can whip any man of my ate and weight. My blood, however, is awfül thin. I am cold all the time, and no amount of clothing will keep me


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