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A New Consideration In Favor Of Stovepipe Hats

A New Consideration In Favor Of Stovepipe Hats image
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There must be a deeper and more potent reason for the popularity of the stove-pipe bat than tho mere consideration that the wearer looks well in it, if he does look so. We ave Batiefled that the secret cause of this curious popularity is a moral one. The "plug' hat is virtually a sort of social guaranty for the preservation of peaee and order. He who puts one on lias given a hostage to the community for liis good behavior. The wearer of a "plug" hat must move with a certain sedateness and propriety. He cannot run, or jump, or romp, or get iuto a tight except at the peril of his huad-gear. All the hidden influences of the beaver tend toward respectability. He who wears oiiƶ is obliged to keep the rest of his clothing in decent trim, that there may be no incongruity between head and body. He is apt to become thoughtful through the necessity of watching the sky wnenever he goesout. The chances are that lie will buy an umbrella, wliich is another guaranty for good behavior, and the care of hat and umbrella, perpetual and exacting as it must ever be, adda to the sweet seriousness of his character. Then the man who wears a plug hat naturally takes to the society of wotnen, with all its elevating accessories. He cannot go hunting or lishing without abandoning his beloved hst, Ijut in the moderato enjoyments of fcmale companionsliip, croquet and lawn tennis, he may sport his beaver with impunity; in other words the constant use of a plug hat makes a man composed in manner, quiet and gentlemanly in conduct, and the companion of ladies. The inevitable result is prosperity, marriage and church ship.-


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