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- The celebrated Polytechnic Schoo of Stuttgart has Ti professors, 506 studente, and an animal revenue of $76,000. Seventeen of the stuclents are from the Unitud States. - Italy has at present 278 secondary schools," vith 23,404 pupils; 233 teehnical schools, with 21.403 pupils, and 759 highor schools for girls, with 47,586 pupils. - Over two years ago an iron church was shipped from London to the Esquimaux Presbyterians on Little Whale River, Hudson Bay. It only arrived a short time ago, and has been dedi cated. - The Pope has issued an encyclical placing Cyril and Methody on the list of saints, and appointing them a day on the calendar, in recognition of what they did atnong the Slavs. He direct that they be prayed to and invoked throughout the whole world that they may protect the Catholic religión on the East. - A strong petition was offeredin the Episcopal Dioeesan Convention, in New York, praying for the abolition of special rlghts to pews in churches. Tlie petitioners believe that the practice, never prevalent until within a few years, of renting pews and seats in advanoe, smacks a great deal of sharp business. They claim that every church shonld belong as much to the poor as to the rich, and that a man's spirit, instead of his clothes and his money should determine where he may sit or kneel. - In Berlín, says a Lutheran paper, there are but seventy-three pastors with twenty-four assistants for its millin souls. One Sunday recently the pastor of St. Thomas' baptized one hundred and twenty-two children and married nine couples. None of the pastors spend less than twelve hours a week in catechetical instruetions; some spend twenty-two hours, or as much as a public school teacher. The classes average seventy, and a pastor may have as many as five hundred to seven hundred children in charge. - The adniission of women to the elasses ín arts, laws and scieuce in University College, London. inausrurated two years ago, seems t have met with a most gratifylng success. In the recent exaniinations both Latin prizes and one of two Greek prizes wero awarded to wonaen, and, as a proof that the required standard is not low, it is stated that Ihe seeond competitor ' for the Latin prize has won an Oxford scholarship. In French two prizes out of thres were awarded to women, in English four out of nine and the only one in politioal eoonomy. These faots cannot fail to give eneournement to those who favor and rge a higher system of female education.


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