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But liere comes one of my favorites. Jsn't she finelooking? No! Well, listen while 1 teil y ou her story and learn why I like herlooks.Someyearsagoamanof more money than good reputation advertised that he would give $5,000 to any respectable white woman wbo would walk unveiled from the Adams House entrance down Washington street with him, at an hour wlien all the fashinnn. bles were promenading. For weeks tliat orfer remained untaken, for bis repulation was such that no respectable woman would be seen with him and the adverüaement bad said "that none other need apply." Finally, this woman who has just passed us agreed lo bis terms and to join him at the apuointed placo and time. Wlien tbe hour carne Mr. was on hand. Soon d carriage drove up with the lady. It ïad been noised abroad that the offer ïad been taken up and quite a crowd i,aa gameren to see Inm pay his $5,000. Hehelped her aliglu, off ered her his arm, walktd a few steps with lier, when she removed her veil at hi3 request and revealed to Mm a face as black as night. "You have deceived me," he said ; "this is not fair." "I am iota darky," she replied, and to prove t she pulled off her gloves and showed a pair of hands as white as yours are this minute. The man turne'd toward the carriage, paid her tiie $5,000, and she drove off, leaving hini to the laughter and hoots of the amused crowd of bystanders. It turned out afterward that the girl was very poor and that she had a maenificent voice, which she could not culti vate for want of rnoney.and this is the way she overcarae that obstacle. She went to liurope and studied five years and has returned one of our most'brilliant


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