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A Roman Villa Unearthed

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Frksh discoveries are daily being j made by the cxploring party at Morton Farm, on Lady Oglander's estáte aear Sandown, Isle of Wïght. The most important addition to tho remains of the Roman villa already laid bare has been a large chamber, nearly forty feet long, east and west, dividcd by strong piers of solid masonry. The western portion of this chamber is nearly niueteen feet wide, and the eastern end more than fifteen feet wide. It eontains in parta the remains of a dado aboul eighteen inehes high, ornamentad with frescoea in scroll pattern of pink, gray and brown. A fillet of piaster runs round the base of the whole chamber, the walls of which are between three feet and four fect in height, the superstnicture being of wood and piastor, tnuch of whièn has been found in tlie ruina, with the colors well preservad anii for the most part remarkably fresb. The Hoor of this chamber is paved tlmmghout in fine tcssclated work, the most elabi that has yet been diacovered in the lïritish Islands. The gubjeota oontained in panels are, among others, Perseua and Andromeda and the Four Scasons. The central ornament In another portion contains the head of Medusa, with I snake-liko locks; and around this are ■ panels íilled with pastoral groups, and a spirited composition of Tritons and sea monsters. The exploring party of distiuguishcd antiquarians have now unearthed six ehambers, making, with ; what had already been discovered, eleven. In a short time the extent oí a spaeions Koman villa, wbich waa wlth' out doubt the habitaüon of some great personage, will have been oponed to the lightof aay. - Kcm York World. Fbobablt the smallest defendant Who ever appeared in a oourt room in the United States, was geen the other day in New York City. It was Commodore Nutt, who is undcr indictment for keeping a disorderly saloon in Sixth Avenue. He bought the saloon recently ; out of his aavinga under 1'. T. Barnum'a management. He pleaded not guilty, and was released under .'j'111 bail pending trial.


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