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TLs week lnfori tbs holidays heen cülivi util a ftö i-xciimg swue, hIiu t Ojjht in Lhe House ol Repre■ tlie debate on the relu idinti ' i'1 In committee of t'ne. . Mr. Weavtr, cil lowa. rdeiKtood a remarte made by Mr. ipn)k3, of [lliöuis, end asked the lattei ,i h 'üi-iini hitn na be meaot to be un. Mr. Spaika ul not give a i atiï fjirlory answw, and from calling ...:., i "Har," "vilhiin.'' eic, the i.:; 'S.,.. (Vollld h:iV(i pel li;i();i Come tí) ;.r, ;, if mcaibi ra and tlie sergeant-at' . h .ii ini lulerf red. Apologies Hu: u-M il r. mado the maiter all riglit I ge VVoud's confinnation asoné oí Lije ;issin: 'LiJ i 8.OÍ T.S. SUpvomo cuuri wua secured eariy In the .!■. c !i. Sorne objectiona were urged, v nato voted to eenflnn, and then reftiFed to reconsider the matter. tnb( i ■ of the Ooranjittee on Ways yieaiis tn t!:8 I nd of the Finance (' ■ ■ i. ■ Senate, expres4 the dcidtd opinioji that there can nol pi Lbly be any tarlfl eislaüon at thia sesaion, except, pérbaus, the oa I nwwn as tke Eatou BUI, which providea merely for tiie appolnlment of a comiaission to xainine ü I i be whole Bubjectof the and report to Gongress. Itisfar froiu certain, huwever, that even ibis wiil be p.sseU. A bilí li ib litvnreportedby theHouaï Committee on Banking and Currency, removing tlie stamp tax f rom bank checks. It v;is antagonized by the 'V;ivi and Means Committee, being a matter of reven ue. A liwited discussion followed, and the bill was Beoonded be majority vute.but when Uic yeas and nays werecalled for the suspension of the rules, it was lout by a vote of 130 to 63, two-thlrdfl bping reqnired to pass i. Ñeverthelees this vote iadieates tbat it will pass. There will besirong jpposition to )t, however, as the reven ue derived from it is malnly a rich hiru's tax, and not oppressive. The revenue derived f rum it bytheüovernraent costs nothiiig for collection. Nü very iiuportant business has yel been completed. Tlie refuudlng bil! will prob;ibly be the most important meaaure of the sesaioi), and tliat is in shape to be put tbrough early after the bolidays. l'or th8 present, ïuembers are looking toward tlieir homes, while many will iinprove the opportanity to cast their influeneeupon this orthat Bideiu Senatorial contests. Washington is prepnring for the gaieties which every jear rceur at the lioliday season. There are tso many nationaliües represemed here, and the manner of observing Ghriatmaa varíes so much with tliew, that society i.1 thrown out of its usual as peul s and assumes many new and to ussome grotes(ue foriüs. lt is promiaed that everything Bhall be ready when Congress roassembies, and that tho real business of the síssíod sliall theu be pushed tluough to complet ion. There is no hope, however, LÏial the long ca endarof private bilis will becleared off.


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