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Real Estate Transfers

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The f olio wiug are the transfers of real estáte for the week ending Wednesday, Feb. 2: WARRANTY DEEDS. Mary Hobbs to Peter Weinette 40 acrei sec 25 Saline, $2,000. Chas. Stierle to Joseph Stierle, 45 acres sec 19, Scio, $3,100. Jesse W. Bradford to MarganH Waples, property in Anu Arbor, $2,300. John Cody to Eliza Cody, property in Ypsilanti, $1. ffm. Morton to Chas. L. ltoss, 40 acres sec 18 Salem, $1,900. Jno. W. Laraway to Hascal Laraway, 40 acres sec 36, Salem, $2,000. Caroline D. Pulier to John Keek, alley way over the n w corner of lot No. 15 South Main street, Ann Arbor, $5. Pauline Widenmann to A. H. Markham, lot 13 Thompson and Spoor' add Ann Arbor, $15u. John Ryan to Green Johnson, 40 acres sec 20 Dexter, $800. Hartwell W. Smith to Martin Peru, land in sec 10 Augusta, $650. Chas. L. Gerstner to Christopher Lou, property in Ann Arbor, $425. Wm. A. Hatch to Mary K. Eaton, property in Ann Arbor, $740. Chauncey H. Millen to Wm. A. Hatch, Jr., property in Ann Arbor, $740. Jenne Cushman to Chas. F. Bartü, 60 acres sec 21 Lima, $3,400. George Root to John Geo. Schaible, 80 acres sec 15 Manchester, $2,800. Ira Bassott to Abraham Meyer, land in Lodi, $100. Aaron Phelps to John W. Nanry, 40 acres eec 70 Superior, $1,250. Martha M. McReynolds to Wm. II. Doane, property on State street, Ann Arbor, $4,500. Michael Norton to Wm. H. Roming, land in Superior, $350. Eli O. Smith to John Suckscha, lot in Salem, $60. John Lucksche to Wm. C. Sutherland, lot 8, 9 and 10, village of Salem, $250. QUIT-CI-AIM BEÏDS. David A. Wosdard to De Lacy 'Ayres, lot 10 Edward's plat, Milan, $125. Harmon Allen to Alex. W. Hamilton, lot 6 Edward's plat Milan, f 100. A.lex. W. Hamilton to Chas. M. Blackner, property in Milan, $75. Olive Huesman to Henry Renán 113 acres sec 19 Sharon, $1,140. Henry Renán to Olive Huesman property in Sharon, $704.33. Christine Huesman to Olive Huesinuu, land in sec 17 Sharon, $704. John T. Hartbeck to Olive Huesman land in Sharon, $704.33. Win. Huesman to Olive Huesman, and in sec 25 Sharon, $704.33. Geo L. Kuhl to Olive Huesman, land in sec 25 Sharon, $1. Wm. Cheever, (by executor) to Julia M. Wilson, propertj in Ann Arbor, $1. (Additional Local on Seeond Page.)