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-The (inest display of sun sports that lias been visible in a long time can now be seen with moderate telescopio power. Several groups are strung along north of the sun'a equator and reaching quite across the disk. The nuníber of individual spots is largè, and they vary in size from the liuge sun cliasnis capacious enough to swallow up the earth, down to mere specka that il requires steady gazing to detect. All about theapots whieh seem to bc moving like a procession across the disk, the surface is heaved up nto the shinng ridges called faciilse. Most of these sptfihave formed within the last two djiys. On Saturday then was only one groap, containingthree or four principal spots, visible with the same telescope tliat on Sunday and yestcnlay Bhovved four complex groups composed of many spots, and having other minute specki scattered between them. The westernmost of these groups wiU probably have passed nut of sight iroiuKi tne edgo 01 tlie sim bv to-day. ir. N. Sun, ■'■l,. 15. A Melboume correspondent writes: A singular circumstance is reported from a hot, dry valley in .New Soüth Wales. Last year the drought there was of long dmation, and the denlzens of the apiaries snlTered inueh fi-iiin it. Th is year the bees have made provisión againat asimilar emergency They have fllled i large number of the external cells in every hive wiöi pure water, instead of honey. It is thought tliat the natinci of thecreatnres leads thein to anticípate a liot summer." - . In i ecent exhibition of oíd satírica] prtnte and drawings in IJTerpool ware several Btibjects relating to the Revolutionary war. One j)rint of 1782 representa "Miss America" travestid 1 as a Virginia princesa, a"d bolding the cap of Liberty on a pole. She is making her peace with her estranged parent; "Mamma, say no more about it," to which Brttannia reeponds in a generOUfl spirit: "He a good girl and give me a bnss."


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