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Sam. B. Revenaugh, Is wow taking the Best Class of Wmto In the City at Prices to Suit the Times, Oronnd Floor Gallery. Li COODRICH BLOCK, East Side of thc NEW OOUKT HOCSK. ' FRED SÖRCx, Dealer in PÁINTS, OILS, VARNISHES BRU8HE8, W1NDOW QLA8S, Au. i .ti; raiiitt-rs' Suppliiís of tliu Beal Quallty SHOP AND STORE 26 and 28 East Washington .'st. AUN AREOJ. IUCMIQAN JACKSON URE CLAY CO. Manufacturera of Stone Sewer Pipe - - ZOI-A-IIET TILE. All our Drain Tile are nuule of Fire Olay, ar of ffiuiMHf! sn--n(,'ili and imht uvifjlit, whicb ma teiially reduces the ljre.;iku„-e and expense u transportation. The ditchiiiK for this class of tiling isless expen sive. afi Ihey do nit require to bv laid b6lov ton i bul only deep enougli to escape the plow. Whflethlsia mor eeonoimcal ït also aiN in obtainingiabetter íull' ur grade to the drain. A fiill assortmeüt of all slzes, for salo in sinall qiKintitips or ■■:ir load lotï at rlit FEEDON LÜMBSR YARD. J.lS. ToLUERT, Aent. N. H. D0WÑF VEGETARLE RALSAMIC ELIXIR Is a sure cure for Cough, (Jold, Whooping-Cough, and all Lun Diseases, whea Uiten in season. People die of OOiwuntptioia simpIv because ot negiect, when the Itimelj' use of ttut remed wou ld have cured ihem ai once. Fifty-one yt.ars ot constant use jiruvc Uu. fact that nu cough ttia&üy l.a etood the te-i like It tt n h ' i.ltJit . MotaAe. iub ui.'fi i' t-i Ituttle. Dr. Bdxler'b Mandrake BS ITT ER Will cuit Juiaidice, Dyspepsia, Liver Coiii(jliiint!), Indigestión, aiul al! ili-fiiMS aliing froir Rillousneta Pruc 5 cti. perbottU'. K KBHK) v JOHBiBON'l ÁRNICA AND OIL LINIMENTO Íi'or flan itml MIcast. Tlie most perfect liniraent ever H compoumled. Priw ?JC. and 50c. 9 For :Ñi!r Kcivvhtio. Livery, Sale, AND BOARDING STABLE! I have opened a I ;very, Sale, and Boardingötable opposite the CourtHouse on Fotirth street, where livery rigs canbe obtained at any time of the ilay or r.iglit. A ílne lot of nevv carriages and good horses, at reasonable rates. Brcaking colts andhandling track horses a specialty ; good reieiences given. P. Irwin, Ann Arbr. REEDTS tÖNÏC IS A TKOROUCH REMEDY in everycase al Malarlal Fever or ver aml Atnie, while f or disorders of the Stomach, Torpidlty of l.iviT. Indigestión and dtetitrbancea of the animal foroes. wliich debilitar-, it baa no equivalent, and can nave m substlhite, lt rilould nol beoonfouDded witli triturtedcompounafi of cheap spiriis and essentlal oüs, uftm gold under tlit' name i Bitters. POBSALK BY C E. Hobnes, Cook hotel block. BP'f'ERÍVIANEN I L CUktü K MsiDffSTDissÁSis, u LIVER C.OMPUHÏÏS, I y CONSTIPA TIM sad PILES. C Q Dr.It. II. Clark. South Hei-o.Vt. savs. "In P m ot Kldne Tronbleell liaxacted )ik. - - h&rm. It U H haacuri'iiuuin.vvci'. . Uen nul ha.-i H T urvtrr failwi to act eflictentlj ." M fS NVlson Fairclüld, ol' St. Aíwu:s, Vt., taiv. "It is U B ofprict.'K:Hi valué. Afterttfxi :pn'Ot H M ■Qfforlos frona i'ilcn and OiTc&wa a ■ tf jiUtfiy ctUd me." I C. S. Hogabon, ot Borkshfr py-t "One ■ í ag tina dome wonden forme Ín oompletely I B asovfif Livt innii Kifini y C'ojnpiaint.'' ix Kinn:: LiqciB un imx fokm IT HAS 1I7IIV0 I ] wonderfulW ll í H ■ POWER, iiümm 3 H.-r:iupit acts on the LIYKB, BOWtLS P nii.l lilUMiYS tt the ua tinir. I Because itcleansee theByntcm of P H ona humors that devclope in Kiduey and H BH nary Diucasca, Bilioueneufl, Jauadioe, Hl uj pation, Piles, or in üheuinutisin. NeurulgíH uj I Kervous DldOl-ders and Fraule Cotapl&iuU. I tjrlt isplltupin lr,T Vcgrlablf Foroi. in U M ttüi ciiiiN, oafl [wnVuiT oí vhlch nukM nix H Ui jrquurtjof im-ihoiu'. ■ tyAIsu In Lliiul.1 1'orm.Terv ruiírctilrB'f l. H H tVfor tlu' OffllTMlIfflWt of tlKMI thal i-numt ■ 3 CÏTi-udily Jireiwírc it. BotolrtttgweltfWwg Ej ■ gy i rilhrrfnrm. I GETrr ATTliK ÜHIT.OISTS. ri!ICK,I.OO. t I WKLLS, UIC1IA11ÖS0N ()., Proji-H, I J W!U end the dry post-pnid.) BIBI.INCTOS, VI . C


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