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The Long-lost Mine

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l! s rniTciitiy reported among the uiiuT.s duit the old claim ïamiliarly alked of by out miiüng men a.s tlie 'lost mine" lias been discovered. Thls )rdspect was lirst discovered hy au okl nan ïiiiined Listón, wlio dug up some of tho ore and íhen abandonad t. The tory gow that Listón, after leaving net wiili a Spaniard and Lnformed bim vlicro lie could Qndthia discovery. The Spauiard raturned in the spui described in him, and found the hole, took out Bome ppecimeus, and placed them in his saddle baga and went to Austin, Ncv., where the sami les were assayed. But before he le ft he took the precaulion to 1 1 í 1 up the hole ind hde what re had been thrown out. At Austin the Spaniard met with a man by the oame of '1'. A. Smith, now living ai Prisco, and told Mm of hia discovery, and showed him Lhe asaay, which was very high in silver, and induced Smith to return with him iul work on tin b]g strike. Bul Cate waaogainsi bhem, tor in the absence of the Spaniard a lan slide, suppoaed to be caused by tin bursting of a cloud, had occnrred and completely obliterated all mark, :md hac cbauged the aspect of the country s thal notrace vvhatever could be foum of tlie valuable diacovery. They 1 ► l l returned to Bnd 1 1 ihsí discover r, Mr. Listón, but found that be had died, umi With liiin hia secret. UpOll searching some of tlin dead inan's papers a map of the country was Found ín his possession, wlien they again returned to resume their fruitless enorts. These ave ïot theonly men that havesearched fbr this lost mine, lmt almoat e' e y iiiiner hi this conntry Uas visited tiiis section, and searched foi dayi in the vain hope of liiulingllie coveted prize, but with tlic saine succcaa as all the others to return disappointed and dumbfounded over the natter. Major Iolt's men, une day liisl week, were looking over this country, and stumiiled luto v.liat they supposed to be a slüd't lillcd up, and Lmmediately commenced to tlig down. A richdepositof ore was found to be disconnected Erom the vein. Their suspicions were iroused, and theyat once proiiounced it the lost mine found. On digging down a 1 i tt lo they atruck the inain body of ledge, wben tbey sioppw) and renorted wn;il LÍ16V ii, ii; Iii'mtl CO Ihö ffllHjiU'. Voik lias been going Oll -ver since bj two men. aud a sppnimen ot ore lironsrht


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