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-John Cullougu Baysihat New lork approval no longer lielps an actor ora playmuch in the West. "The genera) disposition of interior audiencefl is to be rêflective and to tliink that iliey are not to be imposed apon by the recommendfttion of larger cities. 'J'he time s past when an actor ooniing to Cleveland with a recommendation from a New York paper gtts a house. ïhoy don't care wliat the New Y ork papera say. Yon cemember very wcll Uiat twen'ty years ago, perhaps, and il may be longer ago than Uiat, ií an actor carne trom New York with an endorsement of the great Xew Vork journal, people would say: 'AVell, tliey say go, and that is gootl enough lor us.' Bat now an actor lias toniake liis own way dnhiSOWU merite. Il' you publisli forty optnions of the New Vork presa eonceming me, t would have vevv little effect iintil the pecp'.ehad en tor themselves. This feeling s gi'ow ing stronger everyyear." The euaxge wbicb Mr. McCullough notes has prohably been brought about by the dishonest uanner in whicli New York ci'iticisms are coinmonly quoted in interior odvertiseinents. Few eondenanatory artieles we so nevero ttuougbout (luit one sente oe of piaise caiiuot )e exiracted, and that playa whicli have proved unqnalified failures here are aiinounced in iac West witli what seem to 1h b warm endorsement of the rnetropolitan press. Some managers of traveling cumpaniea even n ao far as to manufacture commondatory matter outriglit.


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