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Changes Of A Century

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The nineteenth century has wifcnessed many great discoveries. In 1809 Fulton took out the flrst patent for the invention of the steamboat. Tlie flrst steamships which made regular passages across the Atlantic ocean were the Sirius and the Great Western, in 1830. The first application to practice of the use of gas for illumination was made in 1802. In 1813 the streets of London were for the flrst tinm lighted by gas. In 1813 there was built at Waltham, Massachusetts, a mili, believed to have been the flrst in the world, which combined all the requirements for making lmished co ton cloth from raw cotton. In 1790 there were only twenty-five post offices in the whole country, and up to 1837 the rates of postage were twenty-üve cents for a letter sent over four hundred miles. In 1807 wooden clocks commenced to be made by machinery. This ed in the era of cheap clocks. About the year 1833 the first railroad of any considerable length in the United States was constructed. In 1840 the first experimenta in photography were made by uaguerre. About 1840 the flrst express business was established. Tho anthracite coal business may be said to have been begun in 1820. In 1836 the flrst patent for the manufacture of matches was granted. In 1845 the first telegram was sent. Steel pens were introdnced for use in 1803. The flrst successful reaper was constructed in 1833. In 1846 Elias Howe obtained a patent for lüs tirst sewing machine. ïhe flrst successful method of ■vulcanizing india rubber was patented in 1839. The goda are deaf to hot and peevish vows; the are polluted offerings, more abhorred than spotted livers in the sacrifica-


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