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Owed To Spring

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Woll, Spring, ynuv cuín at laat, liev you? The poit sez youv bin a-sittin' In nld winter' Lap - now ain't yoa BShamed of yourself? I s'poso the old feller's bin a-bussm' you; I Bhoulil thmk lie h ei from your bretii A beia' 8'i cold- but tlmt's the way tliem Old fellers bev a-doiu'. Well, aa I was sayin', Youv cuín at last with your bamy Jireth a-blowin' from the nortliwes- Wesconstant or Nebrasky, I s'pose, Oreat oountriB8 for bam 1 reckin'. Now youv cum weu Evxrybodi's feed ami Kom and tilinga Hev all boen fed out! Now luk at Oor Krittfrs, will yeV See our Katl ! (In the left, aheviu' to be steadied by Thur tales wheu they gets up a-nioruinga ! Look at our hossis wat's all rejaeed ïo skelelous a-weppin' over a troft; A huil trort full of Kobs! X Imll troft full of bitter rekleckshuna! Look at them shepe a-lion' in Th fons corners a-waitin' for grasa ! Yia ! and they've ben a-waiün' soine ov Tliom weeks ! And if tliey wasn't Puld tlit;y'ii a biu sliakin' their lox At yu au' sed- "U dun it !" (That Unir Is froni Hamlet, won of Shakspur'B piáis.) As another poit sez- "(ïrass rifïused inakes The stomak afee." So these sliepo will N-e7or opea their i onto graas agin- no. See the shotes A leauiu' ou the feus to squele ! Luk at tliem mity eres a-bangin' pendint (luto such littlo boga ! Seo a hundrid íud shotes reducetl down to a'even Korn basket ful i ! Yes, tliat thur's n( yer doins' U Tardl, loiterin' Sprlág !- a hangiu' back As youv bin a-doin ! But now youv cum ! We reo] your clmorin' presenz wen we Git round onto the soutti side of tho barn ! We beer tbe heus a-kaklin' wnen tlmy've 1iiM an egg ! Wb ee the horee-radlA A. starüqg up along the gardinsr Fens ! Tbe winimiu la a-lukin' iuto Tbe oíd tea-pot after garding seeds, Audall tbeae tbings makeine tbinkyouv cuín! Ef so be I've riled Ye SpriQg.R-Showing upovyerstiortcummiugs Jus set it down to haviu' poit's liseiiR, (Tho' I hain't taken wun out, yet I 'low to.)


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