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The Little Conqueror

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" 'T Wils miilui;bt; uot a soumi was lieard Within the" - "Papa, won't 'ou 'ook Au' see uiy pooty 'ittle house? 1 wis' 'ou wouldn't wead ou' book - " "Within the palace, where the kiug Upon bis couch in anguish lay - " "Papa, pa-pa, I is' 'ou'd tuua Aud nave a 'ittle tonty play - " ' No gentle liaud was there to bring The cooling drauglit, or bathe bis brow; His courtier and his pages gone - " "Tuhi, papa, tum; I want 'ou now- " Down jfoes the book with needless force, And with expresöiou far froui niiid, Witb sullen air and clouded brow, I seat myself beside the child. Her little trusting eyes of blue With raute surprise gaze on my face, As if, in iis expreasion stern, Reproof and censure she could trace. Anón her little bosom heavfts, Her rosy lips begin to curl; And with a quivering chin she sobs, "Papa dou't uv liis 'ittle dirl." Kiuff, palace, book- all are forgot, Mj anus ara round my darling throwa - The thundercloud has borst, and lo! Tears fall and iningle with her own.


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