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Rapid Growth

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-The faneies of the Arabian Niglits are facts of to-day. Last Monday week a nuniber of laborera laid the last rails of a railroad which tenninated in a broad and wild prairie. The next Saturday uight the prairie waa dotted with houses, half a dozen dry goods stores, as many groceries, a livery stable and stockyard, three blacksmith shops, fourteen or fifteen eating houses and fifteen or twenty saloons, those great forerunners of American civilization. Three hundred people had becotue citizens, and the prairie had become the town of Abeline. Next morniĆ­ig the church bells rung out and the worshippers knelt where seven days before was a wilderness. Last Tueeday, or two weeks later, the population aggregated 1,500 persons, and 3,500 visitors oatne to attend a sale of town lots; 139 lots were sold for $24,505. Tliis is the modern realization of the fanciful story of Aladdin's palace. - Courier Jmirnal. A colebrated lisli has just diel in France, lieing none other than "Fanny," one of the fattest carps in the lake at Fontainbleati. Fainiy is believed to have been bom in the reign of Francia L, and therefore at the time of her death was well on toward 400 years ud.


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