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Death Of Hon. Abiel Silver

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Eav. A biel Sil ver, of Boston Highlaiuls, was drowned at Boston on Sunday e veaing. He had been to Salem, where he preached a sermón, and wa returning to his borne hy railroad. When the train rwiehed the bridge near Boston Mr. S. supjKwing it had reached the depot stepped out and the train inimediately going on he was left on the wrong side of the river. He attempted to cross the open bridge and feil in. A switchmaii heard bis cries and shoved a plank to bini, but with his one arm and unid the ice and curret he could not cling to it. Mr. Silver was comuiissioner of the Land oflice of this state when it was lowited at Marshall. It was he who stuck the stake for the state capital at Jjansing, and it was his advocaey wliich sécured the location of the capital on a section of school lands. He was a minister of the Swedenborgiíui church, and although 84 years of age was on niissionary duty at the time of his death. Mr.T. A. Carnegie,ofPitt.sburg,Pa,, is about establishing a freelibrnry for the benefit of his employos. Plans are iow prepared for a large three-story juilding to be erected at a cost of $20,000. The lower floor will be íitted up as store-rooms, and the upper fioors 'nroished as ■ library, reading-rooms, and a public hall. The library will consist of about. 5,000 volumes, and, with the inpome from the store rooms and the ooouipoaJ rent of the hall, it s expected to be self-8iip])orting. The employés had in contemplation the ounding of a library on a aomowluit cheaper scale, and Mr. Carnegie stepped n and took the project out of their ïands. Chestnuts don't have wings, but bey are sort of burred-like,


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