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-Some remarkable Aons concerning the ululteration of Pood are made in the annual report, ust published, of the inspector of vineg r Tor the city of Boston. The total amount of the liquor sold and used in Uoston each year under the name of vinegar is eslitnated at about Ü.OOO,XX) gallons. Of this, the inspector delares, less than one-tenth is pure ap)le juice. the rest being a villanous de■oction of molasses, glucose, aceticacid, seur ale, lager beer, distillerrslops, etc, nade for about half the lowcat possijle cost of pure eider vinegar. Nor is this all, nor even the worst view of the ase. Such substances as oil of vitriol and other mineral acids are brought ino requisition. One cent's worth of sulphuric acid is sulficient for the ufitcture óf fourgallonsof vinegar.and when c isgu'sed by otlier ingmliouts lts presence cannot be detectad by taste alone, Mucb of thls wretehed stuiT, it is belleved, has been soKl in the lioston market as "pure apple vinogar." Fifteen hundred barrels f it in a single cargo were seized by the ofïicers, and fifty barrels more were capturad in :i warehouse and shipped back to llif l'ormer owners. The ex tent to which this illegal and inhuman business is carriel on is shown by ths fact that t.he wholcsale brice of vlnpgar in Boston avorages y cents per gallon, much of it being sold as low as 0 cents, while the genuine article cannot bo Miiinufactured for leu than about 121 cents per allon. It is only natural tííat the inspector, incencluding bis report, should attribute the high death rateo!' the city largely to the eonsumption of these delelerious compounds. A. Troy man found a $50 pearl in a quart OÍ oystci-s, and buil inovenienl uiKiu the öyater tnule has been the immediiite result.


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