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The Water Mill

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Oh! listen to the water mili, through all the live Ion g day, , As the clicking of the wheels wears hour hy houraway; . . „ .. .. How languidly the autunm wmd doth Btir the withered leavea, Ab on the field the reapers ging, wlule binding up the sheaves! A seleuin proverb strikes my niind, and as a spell is cast, "The uiill will never grind agaln with water that is past" Thösummer winds revive no more leaves strewn o'er earth and main; The sickle never more will reap toe yellowgarnered grain; The rippling stream flows ever on, aye, trannuil. deeo and still, But uever glideth back again to busy waterThe sole'mn proverb speaks to all, with ïneaning deep and vast, "The uiill will never grind again with water that is past" OU! clasp the proverb to thy soul, dear loving heart and true, . For golden years are tleeting by, and youth is passing too; Ali! learn to make the most of life, nor lose one happy day, , , For time will ne'er return sweet ]oys neglected, thrownaway; Nor leave one tender word unsaid, thy Jtindness 8ow broadcast - "The uiill will never grind again with water that is past." Oh! the wasted hours of life that have swiftly drifted by, Alas! the good we might have done, all gone without a sign! Love that we might once have saved by a single kind word, Thoughts conceived but ne'er expressed, perisning, unpenned, unheard. Oh! take the lesson to thy soul, forever clasp n fast, "The uiill will never grind again with water that is past." Work on while yet the sun doth shine, thou man of strength and will, The streainiet ne'er doth useless gilde by elicking water-mill: . Nor wait uuti' to-inorrow's light beams bnghtly on thy way, . For all that thou can'st cali thy own lies m the phrase to-day;" PoBsessions, power and blooming hsalth must all be ost at last - "The mili will never grind again with water that is past." Oh! love thy God and f ello w man, thyself consider last For come it will when thou must scan dark errors oí the past; Soon will this fight ol life be o'er, and earth recede f rom view, And beaven in all its glory shine where all is pure and true, Aii! then thoc'lt see more clearly stil] tbe proverb deep and vast, "The mili will never grind again with water tbat is past."


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