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Ihe following is a copy of the Smoke wili which is just now the bone of conenlion all round the bush, and which has made J. F. Muiphy, the law student, notorious throughout the state, in declarng the same, while on a spree, to have leen a forgery. IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I, Lewis C. Smoke, formerly of Wood aud, in the county of Barry, and State f Michigan, but now of the city of Ann abor, in the county of Washtenaw, and tate oL Michigan aforesaid, being in delining health, but of sound and disposing raind and memory, do make and publish lis my last vvill and testament, hereby reoking all former wills by me at any time nade. I commend my spirit to my mei - iful Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier. 1. 1 direct that my funeral expenses nd the expenses of administration be Mid by my executor hereinafter named. 2. I give, devise and bequeath to Prof. b ranklin, Dean of the Homeopathie Medical College of the University of Michigan, the sum of one hundred dollars, to be used by him for the beueflt of indigent patienls in the Huineopathie hospital connected with said college, in such a marmer as he may think proper. 3. I give, devise, and bequeath the sum of four hundred dollars to J. Frank Murphy, law student of the said city of Anti Arbor, my faithful nurse, for bis kindness ind attention to me during my iilness, to assist him in prosecuting nis studies in the University of Michigan. 4. I give, devise and bequeath to James W. Vidal, medical student of the said city of Ann Albor, the sum of twenty five dollars, justly due him for lus kind attention to me during my iilness. 5. I give, devise and bequeath all the residue and remainder of my estáte, both real and personal, to be evenly divided between my beloved brother Heriry, of Grand Ledge, in the county of Eaton, and state aforesaid, and Dr. II. C. Carpenter, of Woodland, in said Barry couuty, and the Reverend Mr. Burgess, Baptist clergyman of the same place, whose many kindnesses during my last affliction has been of the most affectionate nature. And I hereby appoint the said Dr. Carpenter, of Woodland, to be the sole executor of this mv last will anrl tBatumpnf In witness whereof I have hereuuto set my hand this twenty sixth day of November in the year of our Lord one thouand eight hundred and eiehty. His Lewis 0. X Smokk. Mark. Signed by the said Lewis C. Smoke as and for his laat will and testament in the presence of us, who at his request, in his presence and in the presence of each otuer, have subsctibed our names as attesting witnesses.


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