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Laying The New American Cable

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Djspatches f rom the steamer Farday state tliat upon completing the landing of the shore end of the American cable, late on the afternoon of Monday last, the steamer Faraday began paying out the cable and has made an average of about six and a half knots per hour for the whole distance since that time. Something over nine hundred miles of cable lias been put down, and the end has been buoyed and the steamer has proceeded te London to take on the remainder, which will be laid at once. Thts Faraday being litted with an extensive system of electric lighting, the work goes on at night as during the daytime. She carries a competent corps of engineers and electricians. who subject the cable to constant tests as it ews nut. Thoao are of a character to show the slightest defect. Everything has gone wcll, the weather has been of the right soit and tlie arrangements of the Siemens IJiothers have proved theinselvea so perfect that tlie present expedition sliows a ïnucli greater amount of cable luid (lian lias ever before been accomplislied in the sanie length of time. Xot a single fault was found in the cable bet ween tlie shore-end landing and tlie buoy. ïhe tests liave been perfect, and the' speed with which the wurk has Leen done as well as the (niality of the work must be pronounced unprecedented in the h i story of ocean cable laying.


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