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ACENTS WANTED for the REVISED NEW TESTAMENT As made by tho most eminent scholars of Eng land and America. Half the Price of Correspondlng English Edition. Lacgetype, Hoen super calendered paper, elegant binding. A separate "Comprehensive History of the Blble and its Transiations," including a f uil account of the New Revisión, given to subsuribers. Best cli%nce for agent ever offered. Send stamp for particular at once. The Henry Bill Publishing Co., Norwich, Conn, does wuvöl ■wONDERFULffllI I CURES! hhhhhB ■ BeraotitactflOR the MVEB, ItOWKLsl and KIDNKÏS at the ame time. I Booaiuo itolMnses the syitom of M 50U tumors that develope in Kidney ad H ■patlon, Piien, or In Rhouiuatlmn, Neuralgia, ■■ HNorvom Duonlem and Feuiale Complainte. H SEE WHAT PHOPU5 BAT : 1 Rufino B. Stork, of Junctlon City, Kannaii, H ■ uyn, Kitlmty-Wortcitrerl hitu after rcKiilnr Hl ■lalclaiiB liad been trjlng for four years. J Mm. John Arnall.of Waslilngton, Otilo, wyeP ■ her lKy waspivon uit)ii by four prominent U H iihyuic imh and tliut )io wiu arterwardb cureü by ■ ■■ M. 51. R Goodwln, nn editor fn Chardon, Obloü ■uysliH woti iiot ezieuted tu Use, helng tloatdH Hhejond belief, but Kldney-Wort cured lilin. ■■ ■ Anna Ifc Jarrett of South Salem, N. Y., eaysLJ Htlxat neven y oar Bii(Terlii(C front Itidncy trtiublenB Pand other contplioattuuM nu eudd hy tbe umu of H UKidneyWorL I John B.Lawrenreof Jackftnn, Ternn., nufferedH ■■for ycara froni llver and kidney troultla ant Q aftr talt injf " barrels of other medicinas," Q H Kidney Wort made blm welt. I Mlchal Coto of Montgomery Center, Vt., H 3ii(TVred elbtyeaia wltb kMtuv dtnirulty andfcJ ■ was unable to work. Klduey-Wort mado bimH H " well aa ever." PERMANCNTLY CURES □ kidney diseases, liver complaintsj HConstipatlon and Piles. I 17 It la put u In Iry Vegetable Vorm 1u WÊ WM tin cana, one paclfage of wblch maketutix quartal CJof medicine. AIbo fn I.lquld Forn, TryOonP ■■rentrutrd, for tbonu tbat cunuot retulily mm ■ parelt. PV tw It acte irith tqual efficiency tn either form. WÊ LJ GET IT ATTHE DKUGQISTS. l'KICB. tl.0O I W Kl.I.S, ItlCHAUDSO St Co., rrop'i. I Q(W1U Mnd the dry poct-pald.) BIRLIXOTOI, TT, H t7QA WEEK. $12 a ilay at home eawüy in acie vPZOofitlv outfitsfree. Addreus, Tbuk &. Co. Augusta , Malne. h?a week in yourown town. Tenns and $6 3UUoiuflt8fn)e. Address, H. Hallett & Co.i Portland, Maine, -


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