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Laws Relative To Public Health And Safety

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Ainong the laws passed by the recent legislatura was one of general interest to tlie people of the state, and to farmers and diarymen in particular, relative to the manufacture and sale of OLKOM A KGAItINE. Act No. 34 provides that any person who shall manufacture or offer for sale any article or substance in semblanee of butter, not the legitímate product of the dairy and not made exclusively of milk or cream, but into which the oil or fat of animáis not produced from milk enters a3 a component part, or into which melted butter or any oil thereof has been introduced to take the place of cream, shall distinctly and durably stamp, brand, or mark upon the top and side of overy package of the same the word "oleowargarine," if such article or substance is composed In part of suet ortallow; or the word "butterine," if auch article or substance is composed in partof lard. These m&rks are required to be burned in or printed on witli permanent black paint, and each letter to be not less than one inch in length. Ib case of retail sales, the person selling snch substahces símil deliver therewith to the purchaser a printed label, bearing the plainly printed word "oleomargarine" or "buttcrine" as the same may be, with the name of the nianufacturerinKoman letters, not less than one-half inch in length. No action can be maintained in any of the courts of this state to recover upon any contract for the sale of any such article or substance not so stamped, branded, raarked, labeled or sold Any person who shall sell, or offer or expose for sale, or procure to be sold, offered, or exposed for sale, any such substance, contrary to the provisions of this act, shall be deemed guilty oL a misdemeanor; and, upon conviction thereof, shall 1)0 punished by a fine of not less than $10 nor more than $100, and the cost of prosecution, or by irnprisonraent in the county jail for not less than rive nor more than '0 d.iys, or by both such line andimpr.sonment, for each and every ofïense. ABATIXG NUTSANCKS. Act Xo. 136, to enlarge the powers of boards of health in townships and villages, provides that those boards may make such rules and regulations in relation to the care and cleaning of privies and water-closets as they may deem desirable for the preservation of the health of any of the inhabitants; or' such boards may declare any privy or water-closet a nuisance and order the saine to be abated. Any violalion of any rule or requirement of such board shall be deemed a misdeineanor, and punished by line of not more than $10 or imprisonment in the county jail uot more than ten days, or by both such 3ne and imprisonment, at the discre;ion of the court. PUBLIC SAFüTT. Act Ko. 41, amending and adding to act Nb. 226 of 1879, provides that it shall be the duty of the mayor of every city and of the president of every porated vulage, by tlie advice and consent of the councils or trustees thereof, on or before May 1 in each year, to appoint three competent mediamos, builders, or architects, to be known as building inspectors, whoseduty itshall be to make inspection of buildings.etc, in their respective cities and villages. "Whenever said inspectors or any two of them sliall be requested to inspect any hall, opera house, church, stand, or structure of any kind intended to be used for schools or by public assemblages or other gatherings of the people, it shall be their dnty forthwith thoroughly to examine such building or stand, with reference to its condition, strength, and safety for the use intended, and for the safety andspcedy egreISs, in case of sudden danger or alarm, of the persons assembled. If such board or any two of them sliall lind the same to be amply strong and safe for the use intended, they shall so certify in writing, and deliver their certifícate to , the persoñ requesting such examination, and shall state therein for what length of time such building or structure may be deemed safe for the aforesaid purposes. Persons ha ving control of such hall or structure, feeling aggrieved by the decisión of the board, may appeal to the city council or village trustees where the structure is situated, which council or trustees may require are-examination and inspection of such structure. The bilí íurthcr provides iaat no sucli building or structure shall be used or occupied for any meetings or assemblages unt il after the sanie shall have been inspected and certiiied to be safe, as in this act providcd. IL any owner or person in charge or control of any such building or structure shalll permit tlie same to be used or ocupied for any of the purposes named; until after it shall have been flrst examined and certified as provided in tliis act to be safe for such purposes, meetings, etc, or shall allow such building or structure to be so used beyond the time deemed safe according to such certifícate, he shall be guilty of a miademeanor, and upon etjnviction shall be punished by a line of not less than $100 nor more than $500, or by imprisonment in the state house of correction not less than 90 days nor more than one year, in the discretion of the


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