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DRAKE'S OYSTERDEPOT 2O East Huron St. Oysters Aiways Fresh and Cheap. Puro WInes and Llquors for medicinal pnrdoscs. Choicest brands of CUtars aiways on han J FKEDSORGU PAINTS, OILSJÁRNISHES B&U8HE& WINDOW UT.ASS, And all l'aiuters' BUppUet of tho Best Quality SHOP AND STORE 26 and 28 East Washington Ist. ASM AEBOR. - Mi; MIGAN. RINSEY & SEABOLT, No. 6 and 8 Washington t., Havo on hand a romplate stock of everytnlüg in the Crocery Line. They buy their Teas, Coilfees, andSiiars In largo amounts, and at OetsIbL ZPn?oes And can sell at Low Figures. The large lnvoiee of Teas they Buy and Sel], Is t gooil proof thut in Quality and Price they Give Bargains. They Roaat their on Coftees every week, anc none but prime articleu are used. Their Bakorytnrns out excellent Bread, Cakes and Crackers. Cali and see them. JACKSÖN TÍRE CLAY CO. Manufacturera of Stone Sewer Pipe - ANO - dir-Iüst tile. All our Draln Tilo aro made of Fire Clay, are of itiMti( strength and liyht wciulit, whlch ma terially reduces the breakage and expenso of transportation. The ditehinjï for this class of tilingisless expon slvo, as.lhey do not requlre to be laid belowfrost, butonly doep enough to escape the plow. While this is more eeonomical it also aids in obtainingiabetter "fall" or grade to the dram. A full assortment of all abes, for sale In small quantitipii, or car load lot;, at the FERDON LOMBER YARD. JAS. TOLBERT, Agent. tofiïc IS A THOROUCH REMEDY In every case of Malarial or Fever and ajnuj wbüO fop disorders ol the BtomAch, Torpidity of the Uver. Indixeattan and dfsturbaucca of the animal fon-fs. which debilítate, it lias do equivalent, aml can have no substituto, It should oot be ooitfoinidcd with tritaiwted compoODdii of cheap spirits and essential oils, ofteo sold uitder the name of Bitters. FOKSALKIW C. E. Holmes, ('ook hotel block KENDALL'S SPAVIN CURE. The most successful Remedy erft dweowred, ;s it ís eertain m its effecte and does not Mister. Reacl Proof Beiow. PRESEVERANCE WILL TELL. Stougiiton, Mass.. March I6th, li-80. B. J. KeNDAI.:, & 'o.. (ihNTs; In jusrirt' to VOO and myself, I think I nught to lot you know tliat I have removed two spavins with "KendalTa Spavin Cure," one very tevge oné; dont know now long the spavin had been there. 1 havo owned tnt norse ight months. It took me four montlis i take iuit;e one off and i u o for the sinail one. I liave used ten bottlea. The horae is entirely well. not at an stfff , and oo bunch to be seen or Telt, 'J'liisisa tronderful medicine. It is a aew thing here; but i( it does foraJJ uhat t ha done for ine Itfl sale H11 be weíy uiij.t. liesjK'ctl'ully yuiirs, ChÁB. E. J'ai kl:r. Kkndai.i.'s Spavin Cüi e la rare in is ( ■:■■ mild in its ui'tiun as ft does uot blister, yet it ia penetrátiiug and powerftü t reach tvery deep seated pain or to remove any bony grovth or Other enlargemenl such " spavins, splints. curbs, oallous. sprains. seUlngs,any lameues and all eulatvenientaof che joints r limb?, or írumatisiu in mnn a;nl for any purpose for irftích a Uniocent is used fop man or beaat, it la now known tobe the bestliniment for man ever used, actíng mild and vet cerl aJn in its eflects. 8end addn-ss for [liustrated Circular whicja we think gtvea posltive prooi1 of Itsvirtuen: No remedy lias ever mt with Buch unqualified Hticem to our knowledge, for beaat as well ai niaii. PriceSi. perbotUe, or six Uult:eu ! r S-r. AH Drugglsta have il otean feel i' for u, or it will be ''ut to aay address on rooeipt ï price by the oroprifttors. DR H. .1. KENJJALL & CO., Enosburgli Falls, Vermont. SOLD Bï UIL DBUGGISTS iirïrBowffi VEQETASLE BAL3A ÜÜ Is a sure cure for Coughs, Colds, I ra Whooping-Cough, and all LungH f ' Discases, when taken iii bcükon. ré l'cople die of conMiii.piioi. simp-H ai y bccause ot negicet, wnen theB ff. timely use of thib rerned wouldB liave cured them ai unce. Fifty-onc years oí con-B. H stant use pruvcs Uu. fact that nol H cough reincdj ha siood thetesiM Hhke Douiitii' JLItxir. Fries B&c. 6uc ui'' !. pi-i butLlu. ■ Fui S..I. hrr, gDrJBaxter's Maa drakei JKlTTEOfl ujWill cuit J.vundice, Dyspep1 :.'.,■ H Liver Compluintk, Indigestión, B [yjitiu] all diecascs ansing f'rom B H iousnes Pnce $ ets. pcrbottle. Q FOI N. I v ■! . i ■ IIENU1 . JUHKSOli'S ÁRNICA AND OIL IlinimentI For .flan and II ea t. HjThe mos.t perfect liniment ever B Bcompountled. IVice ?5C. nnd 50c. ■ h'or Kvciv wliiT". GBansaHSiaiEal


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