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Neither Gorillas Nor Humans

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Can it be supposed that when Dean Swlft Ifbeled hjimanity by degrading i below the level oí tho brutea in hia drefulfnl liotion of the Yahoos he ever imaginad that theie existed aoght that approxirnated towrd the odioOa picture? Y et sucli is (lie case. There are, uadoi btedly, raeee wbose attributcs do, in raxions degreee, suggest, if they do not rwilizc, the misanthi fablesof themen-beastsof FTonyhuhins Land. 'Die Niamniams of A (rica, who live between the Gulf oí Benin and Abyssin.hi, are aoid to have tails, a statement ooaflnaed by J)r. Ilubsli, of ('onstiuitiiiiiplc, in liS."ü. 'l'lie "hairy people" mentioned of old ly Eanno seem to have a real existence, apart trom the gorilla, judging from Miss Bird'a account of the Ainos of Japan, a strange, savage, and little-known race, BUppoaéd to be the aborigines of that countiy, Uut now only to be found on the [sland oí Vezo. They are, she says, of a most lerocious aspect, owing 0 the profusión of theii thick, soft ilack hair and beards, and to the singular fucL that their bodies are comnonly covered with ;i vigorous growth if black hair or fur, upwardof an inch 11 length, and inerusttd with dirt, for he Ainos never wash. Their food is 1 "sU'vv of aboninable things," and u Ihirk BOOp made o1' putty elay, whitli s boiled witli the bulb olla white lily." riiry believe tlminselves to be descend■il Erom dogs, bat other characteristics f thla strange people are not uoamiale. Beyond these (niitances, and pitebeiitiiifr a tarmoiestvikingreseniblance 0 the Vahoo type, tliere are tlie V'etllas Weodahs oL Cejlon, their dupliates In Borneo or Xew Guinea, and tindred varieties diacovered in the 'hilippine [slands, Terra del Fuego, ind South America. Only none of are so hatel'ul as the rrontnrpn of jwift's invention. ltneeded thatliene iidigimüon against his kind, which he kis recorded in his epitaph, to depict lll'lll.


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