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Havilah Mines

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leaves of your Bible (old version) until you come to the second chapter of Genesis, and 111 the eleventh and twelfth Terses you will find the following: "The name of the first is Pison; that is it wliich compriseth the whole land of Havilah, wliere thero is gold, and the gold of that land is good." It is not often in these days of wildcat scheraes and paper bonanzas that a miniiig speculation can find a Scriptural indorsement; but it is nevertheless the fact that a company luis been organized in London to develop the mines of Havilah, and the stock has been placed upon the market. The prospectus announces it to be the richest in tht' woi-Ul, and the passage f rom Genesis is quoted as a testimonial f rom BB inspired source. If the next century makes as much progresa as the past, there ia no telling wliat may be seen it the second centennial anniver.íary of tliis Republic's birth. Already we hear of railroad trains run by compressed air, and by electricity, and a sanguine scientist predicts that witliin twenty years steam will be absolete as a motive power. Fifty years frora now the telegraph may 1 ■ a. cumbersome and awkward meaus of transtnitting information, and railroad cars and steamships may b abandoned as too slow and expensive. Who knows? The Property in the United States is cstimated at no.iXW.OOü.CHX by the censiis Imreau.


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