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Bucklin's Árnica Salve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fe ver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and ali kinds of skin Erup tions. This salve is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every case or the rnoney refunded. Price 25 cents per box For sale by Eberbach & Son, Ann Arbor, Mich. Elixir ViTKFon Women, - Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham, 233 Western Avenue. Lynn, Mass., has made the discovery! lïer Vegetable Compound is a positive euro for female complaiuts. A line addressed to this lady will elicit all necessary information. FARMERS AND MECHANICS, If you wish to avoid a great (langer and tronóle, besides a no small bil! of expense at this season of the year, you should take prompt steps to keep disease from your hnusehold. The system should be cleañsed, blood purified, stomach and bowels regulated, and prevent and cure diseases arising from Spring malaria. We know of nothingthat will so perfectly and surely do this as Electric Bitters, and at the trilling cost of fifty cents a bottle. - Exch. - Sold by Eberbach & Son. THE FALL TERM ANN ARBOR -SCHOOL OF MUSIC OPKNS ON Wednesday, September, 28, 1881. BOARD OF INSTRUCTION: CALVIN B. CADY, Director, Teacher of Piano Theory, Organ. MR. L. F. SCHULTZ. Violin, Violo, 'Cello, HEINRICH OTTO, Band Instruments and Clarionette. MR. ORIN B. CADY, Voice Culture, Solo Singing, MRS. a'. E. WARDEN, Voice Culture, MISS JEANIE MAY, l iano. MISS ANNA NICHOLS. Piano. MISS MARIANSMITH, Piano. Rooms in the Seaman house, corner State and Huron streets, have been secured for the use of the school. The office of the Director and Treasurer in University hall, will be open Monday and Tuesday, September 2H and 2, from 8 to lü-30 a. m. and 8 to (5 p. m., for the admisslon of studente. The Calendar and Announcement, containine fuü Information may be had by applying to rtie Direotor, Mr. C. B, Caoy, or Secretary.Dr. W. J. Herdman, or at the office of the Secretary of the University. ■■ ■ ■_■ w KI ■ "w mm ■■ fm ■ Ki p 1 1 II a Ei i iiti: lkji i oí; DRY FOBX H ■Él That Acts n t tho un me time on J TSE ZIYXB, T3Ë BOWMZSM MU TES K1DÏÏËYS. H ilWHY ARE WE SICK?y ■ V Becauge ice allow these great organs toWÊ IJ Secóme clogged or torpitt, and poitonoutwA mhumort are Viere) 'ore forcé d into tht Uood U U(uií ihouldbe expelled naturally. % I WILL SURELY CURE i Ukidney diseases, R LIVER COMPLAINTS,jg n DISEASES, FKMAI.E WEAKNE8BES, I 1 J ANU NEKVOUS DISORDERS, H by causing free action of Vuse organt and mM ■■ restoring their power to throw off dueatt. IVIiy anffer llilious pains ana ache? II H Wh y tormented ni th Filen, Constipationt ■ Wf Wliy frlghtened orer disordcred Kidnejul M PJ Why endure nerrons or sick headaeheal M 11 Use KIDNEY-WORTantí rejoice in health. j I Rlsputupln Brjr Voittablc Farm, IntinH n cana ono packago of whlch makes slx quarts ofH ■ ■ medicine. AIbo in Llqnld Form, ver y ■■ tratedt f or thOBe that cannot readily prepare lt. í ■ V t7It acta wlth equal efficiency in either form. WÊ U GET IT OF TOUR DRUGQI3T. PRICE, $1.00 W M WELLS, BICH ABDSON A (o. , Prep'i, Wj 1 i (WU1 aend the dry poit-paid.) BCBUHOTOH, TT. H REAL ESTÁTE EXCHÁNGE. o MANLY & HAMILTON'S Abstract and Real Estáte Office, No. 11, First floor, Opera House block, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Abstracts fnrnished on short notice on any parcel of land in Washtenaw county, from French Claims of Ypsilanti, to the most complicated titles in the Village of Manchester. Money to Loan on Real Estáte secureties. For Sale I - o - I 2O Acres at $50 per acre in the township of Webster, good buildings. Terms to suit purchaser. New Store on west side of Main street, terras easy. I OO Acres within I 1-2 miles of court house with flrst-class building, perfect title and very cheap . House and LotS 1.2. 3, block4south range 2 west, situated on South side of Liberty St. House and four LotS, on corner of Forest avenue and Orleans street. En ti re BIOCk2NR13E, except2 1ots. Qood building sites. Terms to suit purchaser. A Good Farm, 200 acres, well improved, in the township of Webster, good buildings, $65 per acre. House and Lot on Catherme street for sale, or exchange for lot near the Methodist chureh. Terms easy. A House and doublé Lot at Whit inore Lakt), $700. House and Lot, onjngalls street, north of University, $3,000. House and Lot, on Lawrence street, $2,000. House and Lot, onnorth side of West Huron street; also 6 1-2 acres situated on south side of Jackson road, about one mile from court-house, $3,600 for both pareéis. Terms to suit purchaser. One House and two acres of land sitúate in Ingalls' addition, known as the M. J. O'Riley property, good barn and well. House and Lot, on KlizabethSt., J'J.OOO. A House And 1-2 acre of land in 5th ward, west side of the Dixboro road. House and three Lots, n the Fifth ward, good locality, $1,000. House and flve LotS on Mlller avenue. Will be sold at a bargain. Good barn on the premises. 30 Acres of land on Whitmore Lake road. within 3-4 miles of Court-House. Would likö to exchange for city property. LotS 77. 78, 9O, and part of lot 89 and a large brick house with 12 rooms, R. S. Smith's addition. A Fine Brick House, Barnes, Orchard, with nice well and spring, and six acres of land, on West Huron and Jewett streets, known as the Jewett property. Price $15.000, or two lots off said property on Huron St., price $700 each. MONEY TO LOAN In aums from $100 to $5,000, amount and terma to suit applicants.


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