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Sulurday nigbt jusl nfler the lowu clocU slruck eis;ht, a baggage wagon was driven up in front of Ihe opera house, and a box and barrel were unloaded. After looking to the right and left, seeing ihat no one was approaching. two Coljred men, who evidently understood what was wanted of them, first took hold of the box (which was the shape of a eorlin) and oarried it to a room iu the fourth story of the opera house. They soou returned nul picking up the barrel carried Ihat up also. The door of the room whieh had been left opcu was theu locked, and the colored men retraced their steps down stairs. Soon after several students put in :m appearance, when thcy went ti the room where the SI SIMCIOIS I'ACKAIIKS bad been left, Wiabing to ascertain what was going on in tlie room a Uumockat reporter took up his position uear the door and Boon the sound of n ham mei was heard. jFrom what follownd we wen, led to bellere that somethini was wrong unit wtsbing to unravel the mystery i possible, the next. lliing to be done was to obtuin a look into Ibe room. Ascend inH to the top of the roof through a bCUtt Ie the reporter passed along to the edg of the roof on to S. P. Jewett's building and then crawlod along on the projectiug cornice which is fomc tw.i feet wide to window. This window is some ten fee trom the Üoor, and a person wishing t look out would be compelled to use s step ladder. The reporter could see al tlmt was goini; on,, in the room withou heinf observed by those on the inside The sides of the walls are paiuted blac and adorned with piel mes of CBO8Ü BOHKS AND SKiaKTdNS. Tlie room is aboul 14 feel li.y 80. In one coiuer litare was a sinnll table on which n lamp was burning. Just at the foot of Uw; wiudow and a little lo oaesidecould be scen the box aiul barrel from which two "stilïs" had cvidently been taken. Ou the south side of the room was au improvised tablemade of boards. Strclchudout on tho table was "goeoething" covered wlü . LOHG WHITIi CI.O'IH. It was evident the studeuts, souie ten in nuniber, didn't propose to coinrnence operations that night, for after they luid flled from the room, tlie last one out lurned down the light and evoiylhing was WRAPT IX DAllK.MCss. lt was soiiiu little time bel ore the reporter reached the Street, and then he communicated what he bad seen to an officer. The question uaturally arises where did the sliffs" come from?


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