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I'm Twenty-one To-day

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I l'mtweiity-oueyeare oíd to-day, An independent man ; The bein' 1 hev longed to be Sence tiabyhood began. (iood-byo tn mother's aprou pIiuííís, Sech ties 1 bev outgrown, I'll gladly leave my daddy'a wlnga To sail upon my own. Chorus- A full-fledgi man, -a tall yuung wau, A proud youtijí mau aiu I; My youth is done. I'm twnty-one- I'm oíd enougli to tty ii. Now I cali vote fur President Upon election day, An' none will scold me Suuday nighte, When late I chance to stay. lVe left my ginguam aprons off, A long-tailed coat to waar, An' on my chin I'll soon begiii To grow a crop o' hair. Chorus- A íull lleüged man, a tUl young man, A proud youug man a ni í ; Helow iny uo3e roy mustache grows- l'ni oíd enongh lo fly. ni. No more willdaddy'8 raapin' voíck, Bz loud ei all outdoors, Sound up the chamber stairs to m;ike Me go au' do the chores. The younger boya ui.y milk tbe cows An' feed the stock tüo'r hay, While I wj!l lio tllí breakfïwi time- l'ui twenty one today. Chorus - full-iledyeil iimu, a tall young man, A proud young niaa iu I; Below my nose ny mustache growti - I'm oíd euough So fly. -liüer-Ocean. One oí our best known operators has a pretty daughter who is a bit of ahoyden. Brokers and bondholders are notorious f or talking shop, and our operator is no exception to the rule. Of course Miss Tomboy has inibibed the jargon of the sfcreet, and of course she knows how to use her tongue. ïhe otlier night, at dinner, the young lady spilt a goblet of water all over herself, ïhe head of the faniily framed a stern rebuke, promptly checked by the chit with this explanation: "Ob.letup, pa, I was merely watering your stock. - Boston Courier. A man with rather a flshy reputation alleares that he is descended froni one


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