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1. A school district meeting has no authority to vote that there shall be no school mair.tained during the year, and when such a vote has been taken it must be regarded as void. 2. It is the positive duty of the district board to make provisión for a legal school in each year, and if members of a board neglect or refuse to do this, they are each liable to fine and removal f rom office. 3. No district moneys can be applied to the maintenance of any school of a sectarian character, whether the same be under the control of a religions society or made sectarian by the district board. The faet that the teacher employed holds a legal certifícate will not legalize such a school. 4. The law gives to district boards the power to prescribe and require a umformity of text-books, but no authority to purchase, at the expense of the district, text-books for all the children who may attend school, but only for such children as are too poor to buy for themselves. A teacher in an Iowa school has tried switches, raw-hides, trunk-straps and clubs as weapons of correction among liis pupils, and he has concluded that nothing in the world equals a piece oí harneas tug about two feet long A little girl whose father is never happier than when sending his span ílying over the snowbeaten road, supplemented her evening prayer with, "And pray, Lord, send two more inches of snow for papa."


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