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How Daniel Webster Looked

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Mr. Webster was less thau six feet in hight, yet every artist has portrayed him as of almost heroic stature. The fact was that he impressed those who savv and heard him as of gigantic mol-d. A Liverpool navy is said to have pointed at him in the street, and called out, "There goes a kirg!" and Carlyle is reported to have said that he looked like a walking cathedral." Ilis head was very large, of fine shape, and with a most noble brow, beneath which great eyes looked out f uil of dusky light when in repose, and glowing like flre when he was excited. His massive features, black hair and swarthy complexion, together with a manner extremely grand and solemn, all contributed to render him impressive to an extraordinary degree. Ilis voice was one of great richness and eompass, in its highest pitch never shrill, but penetrating to the remotest corner of the hall or Senate Chamber, and in the open air to the very outskirts of a vast crowd. When he rose to reply to Hayne he must have had, like Lord Thurlow when he answered the Duke of Grafton, and in a still greater degree, "the look of Jove when he has grasped the thunder." The tercentenary of Sir Francis Drake is to be celebrated, and the Prince of Wales has contrilmted to Uip fund.


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