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The Sanitary Convention

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The State samtary convention will meet at the court house at 2 o'clock p. m., on Tueaday, Pebruary 28, and promiaes to be a very important meeting and one in which the people are directly intereated. The citizena of Ann Arbor should make a special effort to attend the sessiona of the convention. The following ia a programme of the subjects to be discussed: FIRST DAT. 1. Address of wolcome by Mayor Kapp. 2. Opening address explaining tho objects of the eonvention, by Hon. Leroy Parker of Mint. 3. President's address, "What the law can do lor the health of the people," by Judge Cooley. 4. "Hygiëne of the eye," by Prof.C. J. Lundy ol Detroit. 5. "The care of health a christian duty," by Rev. T. P. Prudden of Lansing. 6. Evening aession: "How to combat sraallpox," by O. W. W:ght, health officer of Detroit. 7. "The ambulance hospital for sraall-pox,"by Prof. Heiiry F. Lyater of Detroit. SEOOND DAY. 1. "Purification of water by freezing," by C. P. Prengra of Ovid. 2. "School life and hygiëne," by Dr. W. F. Breakey, of' Ann Arbor, to be diacussed by Judge Cheever, Prof. Perry, Rov. W. H. Ryder and others. 3. "Hygiëne and the clerical profeaaion," by Kev. Geo. Duffield of' Lansing. 4. Afteraoon session : "Report of analyses of Ann Arbor milk." 5. "Water supply," by Azel Amea of Boston ; to be discussed by Dr. Prescott and othera. 6. "The relation of tho press to sanitary matters," by Hon. W. L. Eaton of Kalamazoo. 7. Evening sesaion: "Ventilation," by Prof. Langley of Ann Arbor. 8. "Some metereological conditions affecting ventilation," by X'rof. M. W. Harrington. 9. "Ventilation of basements," by Dr. A. F. Kmne of Ypsilanti. 10.A paper, subject not given, by Dr. E. S. Dunstor of Ann Arbor, and a paper subject not given, by Israel Hall, of thia city. It beats all how cheap Joe T. Jacobs is selling clotbing aud gents' furniahing goo is. He is bound to do a rushing busj iness.


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