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The Tolu, Rock And Rye Co.

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f Use Lawrence & SVSartins ForCOUCHS, COLDS, SORE THROAT, ÊKOWCHiTSS, ASTHMA, PNEUMONÍA, CONSUMPTION, Disoases of THROAT, CHEST AND LUNGS. DAI CARA flC Tfil II ySsissws.ïStóa'jMS b AL6AM Ur I ULIJ HBSfefdfflöma CONSUMPTION in its incipient and advaneed stages, aud all diseases oí tlic THROAT.CHEST and LUNGS, but it has never been so advantageously oompouixled as In the TOLU, ROCK and liYE. lts soothing Balaamic properties afford a difinsivo stimiilant and tonic to bulld up tüe tystein after tüe cough has been relieved. Qiiart alte bottles. Trice Sl.ou. n I I T I rt M T Do not be deceived by dealers w"no try to palm off Eock and Bye lAU I lUra ! in place of oor TOLU, BOCK ANÖ BTE, wliich is the ONLY MEDICATKIartlcle- thegenuinehiis a Private Die Proprietary Stamp on each bottle, wlUcn permita it to ba Sold by DruKpisl. Orocer and lealers Everjivhere, WITHOUT SPECIAL TZ OR LÏCENSE. Proprietors, 41 River St., Chicago, III.


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