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body smiles and is happy when the oysters are served up. On the NewJersey coast two oysters have been lately found that Professor Lockwood says are thirty, if not forty years old. He also says that they have not yet got their growth. The general oy ster, ho wever, is quite an infant by the side of these patriarehs. Fifty thousand people are at work in the oyster business. These people use 4,000 vessels and 12,000 boate. In 1880 the oystermen sold over 22,000,UOO bushels of oysters, and they have a capital of over $10,000,000 in their busines-. So the Oyster f amily is getting to be very important, after all, yet they dou't make any f uss about it. They just get ub fat and white as they can, and when the oysternian says "Come, gfit out of bed and go to maiket," they never sulk or strike the nurse. They are a nice quiet family, indeed, and they make a great many people glad. I Prof. Matthews has been so uiuch benefltted in health by a year's resi[denee in Europe, that he will go back 1 and stay another year.


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