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Tbe idta of a secoud college paper, arising from the disagreement at the reelat Chronicle eleetion and subsequent election of two sets of editors, has taken definile shape, and the publication of a new paper, to be called the Michigan Argonaut, was deiermined upon at a meeting of students, when the following resolutions were adopted: Whereas, At the recent semi annual election of the Chronicle association, 011e hundred and thirty-two voters were disfranchised by the acting board of editors in partisan spirit, and in direct violation of ihe constitution and all precedent, and Whekeas, The four editors elected by a DMJority of the inembera of the association have been excluded from tiie Chronicle board, and Whekeab, During tbe past year the Chronicle has been conducted as the organ of a faction and in a manner not creditable to the university, therefore by it Resrilved, That we, as representaties, of a majority of the students of the university, do hereby repudíate the Chronicle, and be it furtherinore Sesohed, That we do agree to vnite in the founding and support of a paper which shall represent the opinión and mterests of the students of the univeisity of Michigan. A conruittee appointed for that purpuse had prepared a prospectus for the cew psper, which will be printed and cir culated in a fe days, and which seis forth at length the reasons which lead to its establishment, and presents a statement of all the facts in the recent contro versy. It was decided at the meeting of the students that three members of the board of editors should be chosen from the professional departments, with the idea in view that the new paper suould represent the whole university, and not the literary department alone, to which the Chronicle is conSned. Those ínter ested in the project claim to have the support of a majority of the students in the latter department and with the support which they expect to obtain from the professional schools which have no paper of their own, are confldent of starting next fall at the opening of the college year with a iarge subscription list and excellent prospects of success. The profits of the Argouaut, like those of the Chronicle, wili be devoted to the gymnasium fund.


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