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A Dirty Trick

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The annual freshman supper took place at Hangsterfer's hall on Friday evening and the programme of exercises was somewhat disarranged, owing to the nece9sary absence of several of the class officers. lt appearg that the sophomore's had quietly arrauged theïr plans for kidnaping the latter on the eveniug of the supper, and the arrangement of the Ireshmen proceedeá in utter ignorance of the proposed schemo which was to interfere with their meeting on Friday night. The offlcers were duly kidnapper! by the sophonjores and removed in carriagcs to a remóte part of the city, where they were held in durance duriu the progresa of the supper. One of them, however, escaped and reported the state of affaire to nis brother freshmcn who had duly asseinbled to enjoy the evening's festivities. To say that they were mad but mildly cxpresses the state of thcir feclinga. It was at first proposed that they jhould proceed forthwith to the rescue of their imprisoned comradw, but supper was ready and wailiug; and then agaiu it was impossible for ;the youug men to lcavo the ladies they bad invited to join with them in the eveniu's enjoymeut, while they went to the relief of their detaincd class mates, so the plan of imtncdiatc revenge was abandoned, with the understauding, however, that it should not long be delayed. Committees were dispatched for the young 'adics whoni the absent officers had invited to the supper, and who were w uiting and wondering why their escorta did not come for them. The members of the elass nd their friends then sat down to bupper, and al though a spirit of unrest and sadness was notieeablc during the eveuing, the pro gramme was carricd out with suck materlal as the sophomores had been indulgent enough to leave unmolested. The following was the evening's programme, a part of which was necessarially oinitted: Oration- E. Goddard, Lena, 111. Prophecy- Misa M. L. Furness, Furneasville, Ind. History- E . L. Lockwood, Ann Arbor. Poem- Miss F. L. Wassall, Iouia. Presideut's Address- W. E. Brownlee Detroit. Toasts were responded to as follows : "Class of '85," response by R. N. Ben netl, Flint. "The Ladies of the Class," response by R. R. Billiugton, Flint. "Course in Enfjlish," response by John A. Couch, Pittsburg, Pa. "Our Faculty," response bv Jos. V. Douny, Aurora,


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