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Carpeta on the principie of those of Persia and Turkey, with a thick tuf tod pile, are now commonly made in Europe. TheGordon chenille Axminister is the only carpet of the kind manufactured in this country. These magnilicent whole carpeta are like a field of soft velvetty moss, woven without seam, perfect throughout. One of these may be likened unto a river in the East; a gray-green, rippling centre is surrounded by a wide border nearly black, gracef ui in_the curving comerá with palm trees tüfted with leaves, the the sides gay with gilly-flowers, delicate white bean flowers, gra&s tufts, tall rushes. Another style of the same manufacture has a ground like green wheat; the wide boiler of a brown is fringed with thick clusters of palm and strewn with creamy clover blossoms, branches acacia and almond flowers; two narrower borders of intense red in two shades have curving corners of large banana leaves exquisitely shaded. Another style has a broad mottled cream-gray ground covered with pale almond and apricot blossoms, amber shaded leaves and cactus; the black ground of the border is covered with a waving sea of feathery palms, interspersed with the foliage and blossoms of lime or lemon trees and palé rose buds; in the corners of the outer nar rower border of the deepest red are tufts of the tamarack. An Indian blue ground is closely covered with the acanthus leaf and delicate blossoms; the wide border is tinted like ashes-ofroses, showing the same design; two narrower borders of pale blue are edged with narrow Unes of black and gold. On one of the largest carpets the creamy green of the centre is Eet with waving designs; the wide border is exquisitely picturesque, edged with broad-leaved white lilies under the shade of drooping willows; blue forgetme-nots and starry primroses gleam like jewels from the sedgy grass, the tall reeds and alders; the irregularity of this design adds to its beauty and the colora can be changed to please the taste. A variety of this style of carpet shows Japanese designs and coloring; the central large square has dark maroon ground mottled with irregular medallions and dashes in gold, black and pink; the wide der lias a bufí ground covered with several varieties of chrysanthemums in ehestnut-brown, white and lavender, intense pink and a gracef ul convolvulus vine twines in and out among the foliage; the curved corners separating the wide from the duter narro w borders show clumps of white hydrangeas. Another of these chenille carpets made to order has a rich 3reamcolored ground covered all over with mottled spots of Indian red, the border of the sameshade of red has graceful floral designs and delicate vines and clustering little blossoms; the walls of the room for which this carpet is intended will be covered with a beautif ul satin tapestry of the same shad'j and design. BONNETS. Touching bonnets, their variety is inQnite and their name is legión. A score or two of years have yassed since the straw tunnel in which women's faces once resided, was abandoned for the little cottage ornee. Kow the coal scuttles, the large gypsy, the wide ing brim, filled in with a fiower garden and delighted in by the great grandmother of this generation, return in tlie revival of fine chip, straw, leghorn and split straw, The feminiue mind is exceedingly agitated by the novel extremely wide brims, so flowing tbat a neeessity exists of inside triniming, which must, of course, be üo wersl Very few complexions can bear the cl03e proximity of flowers by daylight. This vexatious question can only be settled by letting the delicate blossoms be shrowded ia creanay lace or the transparency of crepé lisse to créate a delicious effect like the sun peeping discreetly through hazy clouds. Fashion, thia season is equally liberal to blonde and brunette. The delicious creamy beauty of the Mermot rose shading into amber and pink, or the perle des jardins, with its golden tints, the favorito Marechal Niel, the golden, velvety marigold or sunny, brown blooms of the wall flower, any of the warm wine tints mingled with maize half-hidden in misty creamy lace, will add to the beauty of a clear brunette. For the rosy blonde and pale, wild roses, violets and pansies, forget-me-nots, the white bean flower of the Nile, any of the Indian blue shades and dusky olive. But the pale blonde, if there be a suspicion of red in her haif, inu3t avoid pink; the beautiful Souvenir de Malmaison tints of pure pink and white, a cluster of Jacqueminot roses soí'tened by lace, or the searlet of anemones lending a radiance to the cool heliotrope or mignonette, strawberry blossoms and oliage with cloud-hke gauze and tulle, all these sbe niay wear without f ear in the interior of the new bonnet, while she strictly avoids palé yellow, mástic or putty color, ecru and greens of all shades. A charming bonnet of black straw is a poke shape, with drooping brim; a half wreath of Marechal Niel roses of such perfection that they seem as if they bore their fruitage "bom to bloom and drop," crosses thestdeof the bonnet, on the otherside is a cluster of nodding black ostrich tips; the brim is lined with quilled rows of creamy Spanish lace; in this is half-hiddeu a little cluster of primroses and seeded meado w grass, FLOWERS AND LACE. Some of the bonnets are simply the beds from which the fiowers spring in the utmost extravagance of luxuriance. Never has the marvellous handicraft of French and Swiss artisans been more plainly visible than in these charming flowers true to nature. A small poke bonnet is a bed of doublé, crumpledleafed poppies and silken hollyhocks gradually fading into soft green woolly buds. The pretty lace ribbon is the new feature more appropriate for summer days than any other. These imitate closely the new and beautif ui machine laces with which shoppers have of late been so familiar, and are selfcolored. Other ribbons, in addition to the watered, are old-faahioned chtme ribbons reproduced; others are plaided, checked, repped, and made of piece lace of different widths. The variety in large and small bonnets is infinite, and for two women to wear bonnets alike seems to be considered au unlawf ui proceeding. There is in a general way a certain standard as a guide, but the varieties which may conform to this standard are legión and independent. PARASOLS. So with parasols, which may be seen in nearly two hundred different designs, but alike in one particular, the exquisite bouquets of flowere that are fastened upon them, or are painted on the silk or satin coverings. The rich materials are moire antique, rich gros grain covered with Spanish guipure or with wide flounces of Spanish black or creamy lace. Some of the most elabórate have richly embroidered satin flounces, others are seen in watered silk, with shirred ruffles trimmed with Spanish lace, the handles of white holly wood or bamboo, vegetable ivory inlaid with silver or dark wood, or delicately carved. These are intended to match the costumes for whichthey are made, with chene, checked and other silks. Some parasols of last season are rejuvenated this season with frills of black guipure, French or Spanish lace, or pinked and pleated ruffles of satin.


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